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Strange items to use your Lowes Money Off Coupons for

Strange items to use your Lowes Money Off Coupons for

At We Are Coupons we have some amazing Lowes Coupons that save you money on anything and everything at any Lowes store anywhere in the country. Many of us have a fairly good idea of what Lowes is all about, we know what we can buy there and what we can’t… do we?  Maybe we are not quite sure what we can buy a Lowes so here are a few things that you may not know Lowes can sell you. Oh yes, and don’t forget our We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupons can be used for these products too.


You can never have enough candles, right? You can use your Lowes Money Off Coupons on candles at your nearest Lowes store. Lowes stocks all kinds of candles in different colors for just about any occasion. From large boxes or candles to rather nice decorative candles, Lowes is very much you go to place to buy candles at any time of year.

Canning Jars

There is nothing better than homemade jam, preserves or pickles. Even homemade sauces for the BBQ or for your favourite pasta dish are the absolute best. Not everyone will know this, but you can use your Lowes Money Off Coupons from We Are Coupons to buy boxes of canning jars. These are perfect for Jam or any preserve, even dad can use them to store his nails in the garage or workshop. Lowes stocks a variety of different sized canning jars in cases, so you need never run out of them… ever!


One of the strangest things you could wish to use your Lowes Money Off Coupons from We Are Coupons for is a sauna. Yes, Lowes sells saunas!  Surely this has to be one of those ultimate home items along with a jacuzzi?  If you want to surprise your family head down to Lowes and buy a wonderful, very healthy and very trendy Saunas and be the talk of the town, well… at least your street!


So, where would you normally go an buy a Kayak?  A sports and outdoor store, right?  Wrong, Lowes sells Kayaks, and they have quite a selection of them to tell you the truth, and they also sell beach and pool inflatables. In every single Lowes store, you will find surprises in each aisle.


Not quite up there with Barnes and Noble, Lowes sells a wide variety of books. It makes sense in a way, I mean if you are selling DIY equipment and tools you might as well have some books that tell you now to make something or give you some ideas. Lowes is a surprise a minute and our coupons making 

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