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Roof Insulation: saving you money

Roof Insulation: saving you money

Does roof Insulation work?

It is a question that is asked by many homeowners and business owners all over the world and increasingly more in United States. Lowes stocks a wide range of insutlaiton products and you can save money on them all with a Lowes Money Off Coupon.  But one question often asked is If roofing insulation is effective?

The very short answer to the question is “yes”

To really get the answer to the question one merely has to start looking at some numbers.  With an estimated 50% of energy used in United States households being diverted to heating and cooling one soon realises that any way to save is worthwhile.

The next question to ask is “is roofing insulation worthwhile?”  And again the answer is “yes”. Insulation in any home, not just roofing insulation has been proven to save a lot of energy. By saving a lot of energy bills come down from 10% to 50% and that saving alone makes insulation more than worthwhile.  Roof insulation of course plays a part in reducing energy consumption.

Roofing insulation is effective as part of an overall insulation plan and when purchasing from Lowes many areas of home insulation can be easily covered.

installed correctly it sits where it does, costing nothing to maintain and saving homeowners money.

What insulation will work for you?

Every home is different, and this means choosing the appropriate insulation material is important.  The R value of the product or variety of insulation products most suited to your property are influenced by a variety of factors:

  •         Climate – if you live in a cooler area you will need a higher R factor, lower if you live in a warmer area
  •         Your home type – single storey, double storey and those with more stories all have different attributes that influence the product and the R value required
  •         Ceiling height – high ceilings and low ceilings impact airflow and will also determine the R value needed
  •         Basement or slab – the foundations of a property influence the type of insulation that can be used
  •         Roof type – “is roof insulation effective?” – to fully determine the effectiveness of insulation the type of roof your home has makes a big difference. Flat roofs, tiled roofs, corrugated metal roofs, thatch and even the angle of the slope on your roof all play a part in the insulation properties of your home.


Installing insulation is not just about putting any insulation in and hoping for a good result. Yes, some insulation is better than none but the wrong R value can make a house warm and cosy in winter but leave it like an oven in summer. Getting insulation right is important and Lowes have experts that can advise you or even finding a contractor that can help you. Visit your local Lowes store, armed with a Money off Coupon and save money on insulation materials today and save money on your heating and cooling bills tomorrow.

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