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A brief introduction to insulation

A brief introduction to insulation

Insulation is not just something to keep snow and frost covered homes in the Northern hemisphere warm. Keeping sunny, warm homes in the southern hemisphere cool is an equally valuable reason for installing insulation. In answer to the question “does insulation really work” the answer is yes.  Lowes stocks a wide range of insulation materials and with a Printable Lowes Coupon you can save money on insulating you home this year.

Every homeowner in the world is on a quest to reduce energy and save money. This is not an American phenomenon and insulation plays a big part in saving energy and saving money.  Insulation keeps room temperatures at a constant, more comfortable level 365 days a year. Keeping the rooms cooler or warmer depending on the time of year reduces the need to use appliances to control the temperature. In doing this energy and cost savings both arise.

But just what is insulation?

There are many ceiling insulation types and many other insulation products for use in other areas. In simple terms insulation is a way of minimising heat loss or heat gain in a room or building. Just like a thermos flask keeps coffee hot or juice cold so insulation does the same on your home.

Most people are aware of ceiling insulation types for roof spaces, but insulation is also available for gaps in hollow walls, hot water systems and draughty windows and doors. One of the most common names for the various ceiling insulation types is bulk insulation. Insulation is available in a number of formats each with different uses due to their different properties.

A Very popular and relatively affordable ceiling insulation type is rigid board insulation. Made from various materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane and other types of rigid foam it comes in made to measure or large boards. The boards are lightweight and can be cut to size for use anywhere in the home not just the ceiling. Rigid board has good insulation properties and is useful for small insulation jobs.

One of the biggest areas of heat loss is through the gaps around windows and doors. Hot water pipes likewise are also energy inefficient unless insulated. Yes pieces of insulation material used or wrapped pipes can work but spray foam is a far better solution. Most of these products are not always fireproof and when used indoors the area should be covered with a fireproof material such as dry-walling.

What the reason for installing insulation?

Insulation plays a big part in helping the nation reduce electricity demand. Installing one of the many types of ceiling insulation and other insulation products makes financial and environmental sense. Electricity is set to increase in price further in the coming months and installing insulation will offset some of this cost for well-informed households. By reducing energy demand, cooler or warmer homes need require less energy to keep comfortable, utility bills drop.

Many people would agree than one of the best reasons to install insulation over and above the cost and energy savings is a comfortable home or office space. Insulation really does make a difference in ambient temperature, offices become more productive, homes become happier and life becomes less stressful.


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