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How to Assemble a Basic Toolset and Save Money Doing So

How to Assemble a Basic Toolset and Save Money Doing So

Lowes is the number one place to shop for tools. With a  Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all them and Father’s Day is a great excuse to buy tools for dad. A basic toolset should have everything needed to do home repairs and DIY projects. The basic toolset should have everything needed to measure, sand, cut, and hang things. Getting started with a basic set will save you time and money. In this article, you will learn how to buy a hammer, a multi-bit screwdriver, a nut driver, and a combination square.


Buying a hammer

When it comes to basic tools, a hammer should be part of your basic toolset. While a basic clawed hammer will do the job for most people, experts recommend investing in a medium-weight hammer with a rip claw so that you can easily pull out nails with ease. You can also invest in a hammer with a metal or fiberglass handle, which will last longer and provide better control.


Buying a multi-bit screwdriver

Buying a multi-bit screwdrivering as part of a basic toolset can prove to be an excellent investment in your home improvement toolbox. This versatile tool has an adjustable collar and lanyard hole, and has the versatility to turn a variety of screws. However, it does not have onboard storage, so you'll need to store it in a case.


Buying a nut driver

The best nut driver should be comfortable to use. A soft and ergonomic handle will help you work safely, and will be easier to grip. A nut driver should be comfortable to hold, and not slip after extended use. Look for ergonomically designed handles, and consider the size of the screwdriver's handle. Choosing the right nut driver can be a daunting task, so it helps to know some of the key things to look for.


Buying a combination square

If you're looking to add a new tool to your basic toolset, a combination square can be an excellent option. These versatile tools have a variety of uses, including measuring angles. A combination square will come with a number of accessories, including an angle measuring set, a bubble level, a scribe, and a 24-inch blade. All of these accessories can be stored inside of a convenient hard-sided storage case.


Buying a tape measure

Whether you're working on a home improvement project or tackling a DIY job, a tape measure is a must-have tool in your basic toolset. This handy tool allows you to accurately measure the size of a room or a wall center point. As technology has improved, tape measures have evolved. The basic kind of tape measure features a blade that you manually read. Today's versions include digital technology that automatically takes measurements

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