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5 things to do for under $10 having saved money at Lowes

5 things to do for under $10 having saved money at Lowes

Five Things to Do for Under $10 because you saved money at Lowes

At We Are Coupons we love helping you save money at Lowes through our superb Money off Coupons at America’s Favorite hardware store. There is a flip side to us helping you save money at Lowes and this is that you have a little extra cash to burn. Our feeling is that the savings should be spent of something special or different. Over the last few months, We Are Coupons has saved many people $10 on a small item so we started thinking and asked what you can do or buy for $10. We found 5 things for under $10 to reward yourself with because you chose to save at Lowes with We Are Coupons.

Sneak Off to a Morning Movie

It is often cheaper to go to the movies in the morning. Weekend and evening tickets often command a higher price so using the money you saved at Lowes with our Money Off Coupons treat yourself to a wonderful couple of hours in front of the big screen. To make it even better… don’t tell anyone and make this your secret me time!

Take a Drawing Class

Many people have always wanted to learn to draw or even paint. Local community classes cost very little and the humble $10 you saved at Lowes by being clever with a coupon could turn into something very therapeutic.

Visit a Gallery

If you don’t want to learn to draw or paint why not take some time out to admire the work of those who can. Entrance to local galleries is often much less than $10 and taking a few hours to walk, sit and admire artwork is a wonderful treat that you will never regret doing

Take a City Tour

How well do you know your own town or city? Many of us barely know our next-door neighbors or those on our street and a City tour may totally amaze you. Nearly every town has some kind of tour that you can follow either on foot, by bicycle or even on a bus. A local city or town tour is a worthwhile way to spend your $10 saving and become part of the place where you live.

Take yourself on a picnic

This is a great treat for summer and it costs very little. Escaping for a few hours for a quiet picnic somewhere close by is a wonderful way to switch off. Pack in a few of your favourite treats and enjoy some fresh air and some welcome me time.


With coupons from We Are Coupons we know you can save much more than just $10. However, a saving is a saving and treating yourself for simply saving money at your local Lowes store is very much one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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