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Save Money in your shower

Save Money in your shower

Many of us do our best thinking in the shower, and when those ideas come our shower tends to linger longer. If this is the case with you then you had better head down to Lowes and think about installing a water-saving showerhead and other items. Don’t forget to print off your Lowes Money Off Coupons from We Are Coupons first as these will save you money even before you start saving water!

It was in the 1920s that showers became simpler to use and by the late 1960s and early 1970s showers became more popular and commonplace. Today, many homes don’t even have a bath, they only have a shower. It may not seem much has changed when it comes to showers, but innovation has happened and much of it is about saving water or using less water for a better shower.

Energy and Water Saving Showers

With showers accounting for almost 20% of residential water use, reducing the amount of water used is becoming a priority and slowly but surely this is happening. Using less water means using less hot water which means using less electricity or energy to heat the water. This means there are savings in more than one area and of course your energy bills will drop.

Many people would be fooled into believing that using less water means a less satisfying shower. They are wrong, modern energy-saving showerheads use clever airflow technology that saves water but also ensures that real shower feel remains, some people say that the shower experience is even better! Lowes has a tremendous range of affordable, energy-saving showerheads that are easy to install.

Thermostatic Shut-Off Valves

Most water is wasted in the shower while turning it on and waiting for the water to get warm. As a result, millions of gallons of water is wasted every year and yet there is now a simple solution. Smart showers are the in thing today, as with smart everything else. Thermostatic Shut-off valves are clever little devices that can be integrated with your showerhead that slows the flow of water to a trickle until the water heats up and once warm enough allows you to pull a chord to open up the water flow.  Lowes has the expertise in-store to help you with this solution and can advise on installation. This device and an energy-saving showerhead will not only save you gallons of water but save you hundreds of dollars every year on wasted water.

At the end of the day, the only thing that should be going down the shower drain is soapy water and not your hard-earned savings. You can find several discounted showerhead products through our online storefront. Head down to Lowes and get your own today energy and water-saving devices today and experience the savings for yourself!

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