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What do I need to build a wall?

What do I need to build a wall?

In the 21st Century building a wall has never been easier. Today all you need do is head down to your nearest Home Depot and buy some bricks and mortar. While at it you can save some money with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons and you are done, right?  Not quite, building a wall in the 21st Century is still as complex as it was two hundred years ago and you need a little bit more than some bricks.


Equipment:  Shovel, Space, Pick, Wheel Barrow, Spirit Level, Measuring Tape

Materials:  Rubble,  Concrete mix or pre-mix

For the foundations, you need a spade and shovel to dig.  You may need a pick if you have a hard surface to break through or roots to cut.  Once you have planned, measured and dug your trench you will most certainly need to lay your foundation with some rubble and cement. Once this is done you must ensure it is level before you build. 

The Build

Equipment:  Trowel, Shovel, Measuring ,  hammer and bolster, wheelbarrow, string and plumb, Spirit Level

Materials:  Bricks or Blocks,  Cement

Once your foundations are laid you can begin to build your wall.  There are many choices of  building materials from which you can build your wall.  Materials ranging from bricks to concrete blocks and even stone are easy to obtain from you local Home Depot Store. 

How many bricks do I need?

This is a big question, you don’t want too many and your certainly do not want too few. Planning your wall, how tall, how long and how wide will help you calculate the number of bricks you require.  Likewise, the amount of cement you need to “glue” your bricks together can also  be calculated.

Having the right tools is essential when building a wall. A strong wheelbarrow will be a lifesaver when carrying bricks from one point to another.  Using string you can easily ensure that your wall is straight and with a plumb line you can ensure your wall is level and properly upright.

Using a bolster you can cut and chop bricks and blocks to the size you need and build your wall perfectly.

You will need the tools to mix your cement and mortar if you are not ordering premix.  The right mortar mix is vital for building a wall that will stand the test of time.

You may need metal framework to strengthen your wall and you may need plaster to finish your wall. The truth is that careful planning and a visit to Home Depot (armed with a We Are Coupons Money Off Coupon of course) you can easily build a strong and sturdy wall.

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