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When Business Insider compared Lowes with Home Depot…

When Business Insider compared Lowes with Home Depot…


Business insider is a prominent online source of information and from time to time they compare one well-know brand with another that is close to identical and tell you why one is better than the other. Recently Business Insider put Home Depot and Lowes side by side under the spotlight and Lowes won. At We Are Coupons we can help you save money at the winning store with our Lowes Printable Coupons, but first let’s see why Lowes came out on top

At first glance, there may not seem to be a lot between Lowes and Home Depot. Lowes has been around three decades longer, but Home Depot has more stores nationwide. But the thing that started to sway the argument was that a 2019 survey showed Lowes customers were more satisfied than Home Depot and it is the little things that perhaps explain why.

Two reasons stand out above all others. Firstly, the impressive price matching policy that Lowes offer, this ensures you always pay the lowest price which incidentally can be reduced further by using one of our Lowes Money Off Coupons.  Secondly was the immaculate store layout that helps in making those all-important home-improvement decisions.

Both the price matching policies of both stores are close to being the same, each offering a 10% further discount, but Lowes has lest restrictions and gives customers 30 days to find a lower price while Home Depot needs you to have the lower price at the time of purchase.

A bit plus for Lowes was the use of color and style in the layout of the store. Lowes felt welcoming and bright and far less cluttered however too much of one color is too much. Business insider felt that there was an overwhelming amount of orange in Home Depot that left them feeling rushed through the store. This is because Orange is an aggressive color. Meanwhile, the blue of Lowes was calming and instils trust and security in a customer – clever human psychology you never knew before!

A big difference between the stores was neatness. Lowes was considerably neater than Home Depot that errs on the side of quality and refinement over “our prices are cheap”. Home Depot felt cluttered and there were things on display that had not place being displayed where they were. This makes a big difference to how a customer feels. Home Depot, for example, exposed the back of fridges when they do not need to be seen making Lowes look like a shiny showroom full of quality items. Overall, Home Depot seemed sloppy and the customer experience was reduced.

Overall, Lowes was simply a better experience and with We Are Coupons this experience is improved further with one of our Lowes Printable Coupons to help you save money!


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