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Budget Friendly Gifts for Thanksgiving

Budget Friendly Gifts for Thanksgiving

Home Depot is a fantastic place to shop for Thanksgiving Gifts and has been for many years. With a wide range of just about everything Home Depot is a strangely a great place to shop for the budget friendly gifts that say thank you. You can save money on everything at Home Depot by shopping online and save even more when you use a Home Depot Money Off Coupon.  But what are some the best budget friendly Thanksgiving gifts that say much more than they cost?


Candles are always a winner. Winter is drawing closer and scented and colorful candles are always a welcome gift. They cost from  only a couple of dollars all the way up to quite expensive. Giving candles as a thanksgiving gift is not expensive but the message of thanks they send is considerable.

Wine Glass Charms

For some reason, Wine Glass Charms are very special gifts and always bring a smile to a face. Like candles, they cost very little but say so much. Home Depot sells a good selection of these charming charms that bring a smile to every glass of wine.


Coasters make a lovely and very affordable Thanksgiving gift. It is fair to say that one can never have truly enough coasters. For some reason coasters tend to vanish, some say they walk and new coasters are always welcome. Coasters are cheap, cheerful and always a welcome Thanksgiving gift.


A tablecloth is marvellous budget friendly Thanksgiving gift. Whether you choose something classic and contemporary, something elegant or even bling or something silly and fun, a tablecloth is always welcome.

Bath Soaps

This may sound boring, but many people love some good quality bath soaps for Thanksgiving. Even homemade soaps need not cost a fortune. Simply because there is a stigma attached to this most cliché of gifts it does not mean it is not welcome. Perhaps the same cliché makes it more welcome.

Framed Photo

The world has gone digital but nearly all of us are sentimental enough to appreciate a real photo in a real frame. A framed photo is personal, budget friendly and very, very special. Find the frame you want, find the photo you love, get the photo printed and put it all together. Your little bit of effort and personal touch will make this a truly special, low budget thanksgiving gift.

Coffee maker for one

This may stretch the budget a little further than the gifts above, but it will be worth it. For the coffee lover in your life and coffee maker for one is an ideal gift and in terms of appliances, it is budget friendly.

Thanksgiving will be tougher for many people this year and budget friendly gifts will be all the rage. You don’t need to spend a fortune to say thank you, you simply need to say or show it. Happy Thanksgiving!



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