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Weird Appliances from around the world

Weird Appliances from around the world

Home Depot has the widest selection of home appliances in the USA and with a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all of them. We are all used to our refrigerators, washing machines, kettles and heaters but in some countries around the world there are some appliances that may just make you as a very curious “Why?”. Here are some that will make you think.

Kimchi Fridge

Any Korean readers will automatically be tantalized at the thought of Kimchi. Kimchi is a Korean delicacy made from freshly harvested and fermented vegetables. It does not keep particularly well and in a conventional refrigerator the smell soon taints everything being cooled. For this reason, upmarket Koreans use a Kimchi fridge that has been specially designed to keep Kimchi at the right temperature and eradicate the somewhat potent odour. These fridges are specially made and have price tags that start around $1,000.

Hefeweizen Dishwasher

As many people know Bavarians enjoy their beer, they drink their Weissbier from special glasses as it is believed to make the beer taste better. The special glasses are tall and thin and are notoriously difficult to clean. For this purpose, AEG built a special dishwasher purposely designed to clean these unique glasses. Not many have been sold but this does nonetheless prove how very capable AEG is as a brand.

Kosher Dishwasher

Yes, you read it right!  There is such a thing as a Kosher dishwasher. The dishwashers complies to on of the oldest health codes on earth and comprising of two separate doors keeps meat and dairy dishes apart in the washing process to keep things kosher. The design is very small and a lot of people simply like it because of the size not for religious reasons.

Futon Drier

The futonkansōki is a futon drier born out of necessity in a country where space is at a premium. The futonkansōki futon dryer is a way of freshening and drying futon mattresses where there is no outside hanging space. This hanging to dry is essential in terms of hygiene and these futon driers are a must have in many Japanese households living in cramped conditions.

One of the most important Finnish inventions of the millennium

This is not so much an appliance but a really clever use of space that may inspire many people. This clever thinking dish draining closet from Finland solves an age old problem with drying and draining space by conventional sink is limited. Built into a cupboard above the sink the dish drainer comprises of a number of racks that drip down onto the sink cleverly making use of very limited space. I guess any home anywhere could create this but all credit needs to go to Finland!


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