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Fake Christmas Trees

Fake Christmas Trees

Christmas always seems to creep up on us. You have just returned home from you summer vacation  and the kids are back at school and then everyone is at home again and winter has arrived. Suddenly you need a Christmas tree but life is busy. For this reason, an artificial tree is a great idea, Lowes has plenty to choose from and with a Lowes Money Off coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on the perfect tree. There are several different benefits to artificial trees besides how life like they have become. These durable and attractive trees now last for years, don't drop pine needles and come to you exactly how you like your tree to look. Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to trees, but I thought I would offer a guide for selecting the perfect artificial tree for your home.

Size Matters

Do you have low ceilings, or are they tall enough for any-sized Christmas tree? Purchasing an artificial tree for Christmas ensures that your tree will fit in your home the same way each year. Think you'll have trouble storing a 10-foot one? Many artificial trees break into sections to stow away during the other months of the year. It sure beats throwing it out each year. Low Ceilings? No Problem! Short artificial decorations should fit just fine in any-sized home.

Space Saving

If you live in a small home a slim artificial Christmas tree would be best for you. It's hard shopping for a real slim tree since natural ones come to you full and wide, this is how most people like them. Even if you have a space that you want to fit a decoration into, but natural trees just don't fit, a slim artificial one just might be the perfect size. Squeezing natural trees through doorways or stairways can drop a lot of pine needles. A slim decoration won't scrape the side of your wall and has no pine needles to make a mess of your home.

Not just Green

If you're tired of the traditional green Christmas trees, artificial trees come in almost any color you can imagine. If you have holiday decoration theme, make your tree's color match your theme! Colored trees can also go up for different holidays according to color- pink or red for Valentines Day, and orange and black for Halloween, suddenly your Christmas tree has many purposes!”


There are plenty of ways you can make an artificial Christmas tree match your needs and personality. You can choose a fun and wild tree, a traditional green tree, a slim tree or an extra-tall tree. If you go artificial, the options are endless!




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