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Renovate your Home:  Beauty on a Budget

Renovate your Home:  Beauty on a Budget

One of the biggest challenges for anyone renovating their home is financial. You want your home to look great but your budget is not as big as you really dream of. There are ways to save money of course, heading to Lowes with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons is one solution.  There are other ways to create beauty on a budget too, here are a few.

Doors Make a Home A Palace

At first glance a door is a door is a door, but the right doors make a home look amazing and your front door especially is where first impressions are made. To create beauty in your home on a budget you can upgrade or uplift all your doors with ease. If you front door is looking shabby consider giving it a coat of paint, or replace with it with a better door – even a second hand door can as some amazing charm if you know how to paint it and varnish it. A lick of paint on all your doors, or sanding them down to wood that can be sealed and varnished really uplifts a home at little expense.

Paint brings a home to life

A simple fresh coat of paint is often the most affordable way to bring a home to life and add beauty.  Very often, dark rooms are painted dark colors and this makes them darker so paint them white and see an instant difference. But you can get creative with paint, colors can cool or warm a room, certain effects can add charm, elegance, style and even  humour. The use of paint around the home can give amazing beauty on very little budget.

Mirrors create space

If you have small rooms and want them to feel not just beautiful but bigger the secret is to use mirrors. Some of the most famous architects of all time have used mirrors to turn small rooms into palatial spaces filled with light and an amazing airiness.

Declutter makes a space look stunning

A tidy home always looks amazing and decluttering is the solution.  Investing in storage or simply putting things away makes a tremendous difference to any home with little “renovation” required.  When renovating a kitchen or bathroom always put storage at the top of your priorities.

Get clever with windows

Light, especially daylight makes a difference to any space.  Another trick that many people do not know is that the window frame can create an illusion of a room being smaller or even darker with dark frames.  Uplifting your windows frames brings a feeling a joy into your home and is such an easy task to do.

A bathroom you enjoy

Your bathroom is a place of tranquillity as well as a place where you can be refreshed. There are many ways to uplift your bathroom that cost very little but can make you feel like a million dollars. Changing the faucets is one and the other is replacing your showerhead. Simple touches that uplift your bathroom easily on a very small budget. 

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