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What Powertools Should Every American Homeowner Have?

What Powertools Should Every American Homeowner Have?

Home Depot has all the power tools you could wish for. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can get your hands on these tools for less. When it comes to power tools, what should every American homeowner have? Fortunately, there are several tools that you can add to your collection, and most of them are useful for most home improvement projects. You can use most of them without taking up much room. If you don't know which tools are best for you, stop by a home improvement store and ask one of the employees. Typically, most people need a drill/driver and an impact wrench, but there are a number of other great options available.



The traditional drill/driver is still the most versatile tool in the house, but today's cordless versions can do so much more than just drive screws. They can install shelves, assemble modern furniture, and more. Cordless drills are also equipped with rotary scrubbing brushes, stirrers for paint, sanding discs for auto repair, and even abrasive bits for sharpening lawnmom blades.


Impact wrench

The impact wrench is a powertool that combines the torque output of a socket wrench with high-speed rotating mass. The tool stores energy in a rotating mass and transfers it to the output shaft through a hammer mechanism. The hammer mechanism prevents the wrench from over-tightening a fastener when it reaches the required torque and allows it to be removed.


Variable speed rotary tool

The Ryobi P460 is a versatile cordless rotary tool that comes with 33 accessory bits. Its base housing has pegboard-style storage for the tools' different bits. Its flexible shaft measures 36 inches. Its textured overmold and 1/8-inch collet fit most accessory brands. Its cordless version is more compact than the PRT100. It features variable-speed controls and a textured overmold.


Adjustable wrench

Using an adjustable wrench correctly is an essential part of powertools and a good way to avoid injury. While it's tempting to try and tighten a nut without actually turning the wrench, this is not a safe option. It can easily break, sending your knuckles slamming into a work surface. Always position the wrench head away from your body and keep it as still as possible. When using an adjustable wrench, never position it over a pipe, as this could lead to injury.


Step stool

Step stools are great household tools. They are incredibly convenient for tackling a variety of DIY projects. The oversized platform step stool has a locking top, built-in storage, and a flip hook to hang buckets of paint. They can hold up to 225 pounds and are easy to store away when not in use. There are many different styles to choose from, and some even have ergonomic handles for a more comfortable fit.

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