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How much is the Average American Spending on their Home?

How much is the Average American Spending on their Home?

How average are you?  If you shop at Home Depot then you are pretty average. If you are smart then you will be using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon to save money. That is beyond average!

Every year Americans spend millions of dollars maintaining their homes. Some of the maintenance is everyday and enjoyable. Then there is the maintenance that Americans, in fact, nobody, likes: the emergency repair!  But what is really being spent on home maintenance and services? 

Each year statistics are kept the show how much Americans spend on everything from heating through beer. Some of the numbers relate to home maintenance costs and services. The figures may surprise you and in many cases, you won’t even realise just how much you are spending as it is just part of owning and looking after your home.

Here are just some of the projects Americans undertook in 2020 and how much they spent

Project Cost 2020
Interior Painting $2,007
Bathroom Remodel $13,401
New Flooring $4,680
Landscaping $2,389
Kitchen Remodel $35,317
Exterior Painting $3,291
Smart Home Device $205
New Roofing $9,375
New Fencing $2,991
Deck or Porch $7,994
New Cabinets $5,832
New HVAC $5,371
New Windows $9,131
Refinish Existing Cabinets $3,038
Home Office $266
Pantry $2,632
Home Addition $52,157
New Siding $13,974
Above Ground Pool $2,723
In Ground Pool $49,245


Many Americans are unaware of what the cost of owning a home is. The real cost is more than a mortgage and paying utility bills.  While many of the projects do not apply to many homeowners the top three projects show that the cost of owning a home is quite high.  The top three projects completed by homeowners in 2020 were painting, bathroom remodels and new flooring and the average cost of these in total was a staggering $20,088.  Americans spent an average of just over $2,000 on painting.  Costs add up.

The vast majority of the home maintenance tasks featuring in this list are all part of running a home.  Costs are generally rising and yet many of the tasks cannot be avoided. Some projects can of course be put off or delayed however, others will simply get worse is delayed. Home maintenance and finances are a delicate balance and that is why learning to budget is essential.

The cost of living is high and credit is easy to come by. Getting into debt and then getting deeper into debt is all too easy as a homeowner.  There are must haves and nice to haves and while we all want nice homes we need to learn what we can and cannot afford. Shopping at Home Depot and using coupons is a smart way to save money. The most savvy shoppers and homeowners know the secret to coupons. We Are Coupons can help you save and that is good news for everyone.

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