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Designer Tips for a Child's Bedroom

Designer Tips for a Child's Bedroom

Lowes is there for every member of the family and have been helping make houses homes for decades.  Every room in your house or apartment should have a personality and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can  save money on all them.  Your kids rooms are the some of the most important in the home but what are to top things to make a kids room a kids room?  Here are some designer tips to make your kids rooms amazing

Keep it Simple

It is very easy to go crazy on your kids bedroom with so much of everything because you know your kids deserve it. However, the best kids bedrooms are generally the most simple rooms where furnishing kept as minimal as possible while remaining practical and functional.

Play is the most important

For younger children a bedroom is for sleeping and for playing in. Play is an  important part of life for kids and a bedroom design should pay particular attention to it.  In many ways you can never do too much to make a room a place for play while at the same time keeping things simple. Avoiding technology and encouraging play that does not demand the use of screens is important, a TV in child’s room is not necessarily a good thing.

Space Matters

A child often gets a smaller room as a bedroom and space can be limited. Space is important and getting clever with space can make the bedoroom work well.  Loft Beds lift the  bed up and leave floor space or even desk space underneath. If you want an awesome bedroom for a child a loft bed creates useful space and never goes out of style, plus your child will love it.

Plenty of Storage

One thing every child needs is storage. Toys and clothes take up a lot of space and built-in closets and creative storage with drawers and boxes is what is needed.  Double up on any storage and where you hang clothes, for example, include two rails rather than one. Never underestimate how much storage you will need and always put in more than is adequate because it will get used.

Color Matters

A colorful children’s bedroom is happy children’s bedroom that your child or any child will love. Get creative and let your child experiment with color, this is all part of the fun. Remember this is a child’s space not yours.

Keep Minds Busy

Kids love learning  and anything you can do to foster a busy mind that is learning is a something that makes a kids room amazing. Desks and bookshelves filled with practical things that keep busy minds active are absolute winners, especially as a child gets older.

Quiet Space

Finally, a wonderful children’s room needs a space where a child can escape from it all. A Soft cosy space where they can curl up with a book of just lounge is something you will never regret incorporating into a child’s room.





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