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Warm Winter Bathroom

Warm Winter Bathroom

The chill is in the air and entering the bathroom on an ice-cold morning is something many dread. Worse still, having a cold bathroom after groggy commute home in the rain, sleet and snow is not the place you want to wind down in. Home Depot has all the ideas and advice to warm you bathroom for winter and with a We Are Coupon Home Depot Coupon you can save money too. So, where do you begin?

A Simple Quick Warming Fix

This quick and simple way to warm up your bathroom is so simple that it is easily ignored, and it costs very little. Because carpets are pretty much a no-no in any bathroom there must be a way to make the floor warmer. There is a way!  A Simple Bathmat on the floor is the perfect solution. It can be bright and cheerful or plain white but the warmth and comfort that a bathmat gives to a bathroom is really quite amazing.

The heated towel rails

Nothing makes a warm bath nicer than having a warm bath towel to use as you step out of your warm tub of steam and bubbles. A heated towel rail serves two purposes, firstly it delivers cuddly soft, warm bath towels and secondly the towel rail itself acts as a heater. This may seem like a luxury item but in winter a heated towel rail will be the best investment you could wish to make.

Light and warmth

Bathroom lighting is often quite bright, it seems to be the thing because it is what many think is right for a bathroom. To be honest, bright lighting is very clinical and clinical makes things feel cold. To warm up your bathroom put some thought into the lighting. Warm downlights and maybe some extra lights around a mirror where added light is needed for shaving and make up, for example, make bathroom practical and calm. Natural light, even in winter, makes any room warmer and your bathroom this is no different. Finding ways to allow more natural light to enter your bathroom is a great way to warm your bathroom.


What is your bath made of?

This sounds like a stupid question, but science can play a role in making your bathroom warmer. The material your bath is made from is key to keeping your bathroom warm. Some materials retain heat for longer and this serves two purposes. There was a clear reason why baths in the past were made from copper or brass and there is an equally clear reason why limestone makes a great material for baths today. These materials retain heat well and they keep your bath water warmer for longer and once you step out of the bath the heat retained radiates into the bathroom keeping the room warm while you dry off. Visit Home Depot and see the range of amazing baths available.




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