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10 ways to make a small room feel bigger

Homes are getting smaller, even millionaires seem to be scaling down. The crazy thing is that we buy and move into smaller properties and then we want more space. Go figure!  Lowes has been helping people make the most of their space at home for decades. We Are Coupons has been saving people money on home décor and maintenance at Lowes with a wide range of Lowes Discount Coupons. Bring Lowes and We Are Coupons together and you win.  Now, what about making that small space bigger?

  1. Use clever paint colors.  Pastels and lighter paints creative life and light. Where you have light and life you have space. So, trick the eye by using pastel paints and a room will feel larger in no time
  2. Keep color coding simple.  A broad range colors soaks up space and leaves a room feeling cluttered. More monochrome coloring and style does the opposite and fools the brain into thinking  the space is bigger!
  3. Getting the lighting right is essential. Daylight is a big space creator. Modern LED and hidden lighting physically uses less space and controlled lighting can create the atmospheric appeal of space. 
  4. Decluttering makes a room feel bigger instantly. A more minimalist way of living helps makes rooms feel bigger than they really are.
  5. Think how important your floor and ceiling are, they are the extra walls to your room. Darkness shrinks space and thus you need light flooring and light colored ceilings to create space. Sure, a whiter floor may need a little more cleaning but you only have a small space to stop complainin
  6. Mirrors in a room are an old trick that creates a ton of space that still works and always will work a treat. If you can mirror an entire wall your room suddenly doubles in size – yes people actually do this!
  7.  Holding back on the furniture makes more space. Sure, you want to have furniture but with a minimal approach to furniture you can have comfort and convenience while creating space in a the tiniest of rooms
  8. Clever use of art work can create a feeling of space. Certain colors and certain styles of art create the illusion of space and sometimes all you need is the illusio
  9. Balance is essential when creating the feel of more space. Bright colors soak up space like a sponge, even a single bright colored ornament can shrink the feel of a room in no time. Keep things natural!
  10. Glass is a terrific space creating material. A glass table is functional but because it is see through it creates a sense of there being more space than there actually is.

Using these ideas you can now make a small room feel larger. Easy!

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