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Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbells

Lowes has been on the cutting edge of home tech since home tech first started.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on a host of smart devices for your home. Since their introduction almost a decade ago, smart doorbells have advanced a lot. Modern models offer better resolution, faster speeds, greater viewing capabilities, and more features that were not available before.


Do you want to add a smart home doorbell?


Smart Home Doorbell Features

While there are many smart doorbells on the market today, most offer the same features.

  •          Video or photo recording
  •          Smartphone alerts
  •          Motion detection
  •          Audio in two-way
  •          Nightvision
  •          1080p resolution

The most advanced models have facial recognition technology that can recognize faces over time.

Power Sources

Smart home doorbells are powered by sensors and cameras. There are two options for powering them: low-voltage wiring or batteries.

The base of smart doorbells that are designed for hardware attaches to your home. The base has two small, screw-down terminals to which the installer can attach low-voltage wires from the old doorbell.

Built-in rechargeable batteries work best for applications that don't require a previous doorbell. These doorbell batteries can last anywhere from 1 to 3 months depending on how frequently the doorbell is activated and outdoor temperatures.



The doorbell will record an event as soon as it occurs. The recording must be saved somewhere. The onboard storage unit can record a few events. However, over time, the device will begin erasing earlier events to make way for newer ones. This can be a problem if you're not home but need to see an event that took place. However, the doorbell will erase it so you can continue recording.


Cloud services allow you to upload your recordings via WiFi. The cloud allows you to access the events from any location, and also gives you more storage. The downside to the cloud is that you might lose your data and it can be expensive.


False Alarms

Smart home doorbells can be programmed to activate only certain events, theoretically.

False alarms can happen to even the most sophisticated models. The user should realize that changing their settings won't solve the problem.

Security and privacy

Hackers can easily hack smart doorbells and other smart home devices. They transmit signals over WiFi and are therefore hackable. Hackers can access video stored on the phone, or the cloud. Hacking is not possible.

Hackers won't have access to other devices in the house, including alarm systems and digital voice assistants. There is still a possibility that hackers could gain access to other devices if the user has connected their doorbell to other devices via IFTTT technology (If This Then That).

To avoid privacy and safety issues, there are some features you should look out for. To ensure that signals are hard to decipher, you should look for devices that use 256-bit encryption. Two-factor authentication is also a good option to prevent unauthorised access to data. Experts recommend reading the fine print to understand how each manufacturer handles data.


Smart home doorbells used to be very expensive. The technology is improving, but the price of smart home doorbells is dropping. The cheapest basic models can 

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