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Smart Tech for Over 50s Homeowners - Part 2

Smart Tech for Over 50s Homeowners - Part 2

Home Depot has been helping Americans look after their homes for decades.  As American homeowners age so their needs begin to differ. As needs differ and challenges arise many homeowners are turning to smart technology to tackle the problems.  There are plenty of smart gadgets that make sense to older people at Home Depot and any or all them can be purchased for less with a Home Depot Money Saving Coupon. So, what are the top 10 smart gadgets that more mature homeowners should be considering? Here are the final 5.

Smart Home Security Systems

In part one we covered some elements of security such as keyless entry, automatic lights and wireless doorbells. An overall smart security system is vastly more affordable and easy to use than ever before. For this reason those over 50 are flocking to install such systems. With CCTV, door and window sensors and alarms linked up to rapid response and all controlled from for  easy to use Apps, a full smart home security system  is far more an option today than ever before.

Smart Plugs and Outlets

Smart plugs are a simple way to automate the wired devices in your home. These simple to install devices can basically allow you to control any wired appliance or item in your home. Lamps can be switched on and off remotely, fans the same and so much more. One use for these is to give the impression you are home when away. Another use is to simply make switching on and off easier and maybe even safer.

Smart thermostats

Energy prices are at the highest they have ever been. Trying to reduce energy bills by using less is something everyone is doing. For older people income may be less and reducing bills is even more of a need. A smart thermostat is a great place to start ensuring your home is only heated or cooled when you are at home or at certain times of the day or only in certain rooms. Controlling your heating with a smart thermostat has been proven to save money.

Water and/or mold monitoring sensors

Damp and mold are problems any house can have. Mold kits will detect spores in any room of your home, and some even go inside your HVAC unit and will usually give you initial results in a few minutes or less. Such devices help you keep on top of damp and mold build up and can also help in detecting water leaks.

Smart window blinds

Smart Window Blinds are now common place in many homes. These blinds serve a variety of purposes. Firstly, you can open and close them without leaving you chair. Secondly they can be set to open and close with daylight or sun warmth helping heat or cool the house naturally. Finally they can be set to open and close remotely to give the impression someone is home when they are not.

For those over 50 all these devices and gadgets will make a great deal of sense and will make life easier while staying safer and reducing costs in some cases. 

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