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How to paint a fence and make it look amazing

How to paint a fence and make it look amazing

How many times have you seen that perfect fence around a house?  It looks amazing, right? Home Depot has everything you need to paint your fence and make look better than new.  With a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons you can get all the items you need from Home Depot for less.  So, jut how do you paint your fence?  Here are the easy steps to make it amazing

Plan your fence painting

The most important part about painting your fence is planning. Painting a fence is not always a small job and you may need more than one day to finish the work. The most important thing in the planning is the weather; you cannot paint a fence in the rain.  To paint your fence you need to seek a period with two or three days of dry weather to ensure you can complete the task.


Clean and Cover Up

Just like painting indoors preparation is essential.  It makes sense to cover up any plants near the fence that you are facing, as with floors and furniture you don’t really want to splash paint on your plants. Once you have covered things up you can clean your fence. Remove all old flaky paint, and cobwebs, you may even want to sand down the fence to leave an even surface. Replace any broken or damaged pieces and your fence is good to go.

Paint a test piece

Never rush painting your fence and taking your time will really pay off. Using a good outdoor, waterproof paint you should first test a small area of the fence that is out of sight to see if it really is the color you want. Allow the paint to dry and then take a close look at it. This will save you panting your fence in color that is not at all what you hoped it would be

Paint the fence

Next paint the fence with a brush or roller and take your time.  Panting each panel one at a time is the best and most sensible way to paint a fence.  Paint with the grain of the wood for best results and your fence will soon look amazing. With a fence one coat is generally enough but if you feel you need another coat then go ahead.

Clean up

The final stage of painting your fence is to clean up.  Every professional painter knows that cleaning up after a job is the most important part.  Wash your brushes properly, dispose of unused paint properly or place it back in storage. Tidy up around the fence and voila! your fence is painted and your neighborhood has been uplifted!

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