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5 Car Maintenance Mistakes Too Many Of Us Make

5 Car Maintenance Mistakes Too Many Of Us Make

Lowes has been the helping hand for homeowners across the United States when it comes to DIY and Home Maintenance. We Are Coupons helps thousands of savvy Americans save money at Lowes with the best Lowes Money Savings Coupons.  However, Lowes is not all about home maintenance, Lowes is very aware that many people like to (or at least try to) maintain their cars by themselves. For this reason, Lowes stocks a wide range of tools and materials to help a person look after their car.  But what are the 5 Car Maintenance Mistakes Too Many Of Us Make?

Praying for the noise to go away

Many off us have little noises and rattles on our cars, especially those of us with older models. In many cases the noises are pieces of dirt that get entangled in moving parts and disappear very quickly. However,  there are those noises we pray will just go away, instinctively we know these noises are not healthy and yet we ignore them and we do so at our peril.

Straying from routine maintenance

Our cars need regular maintenance and user manuals are provided for a reason. Your vehicle contains thousands of moving parts, some more sensitive than others. Things need tightening, loosening, replacing or just topping up and there is a reason for this. There are recommended mileages for certain things and these are so to keep your car running as best as possible. We carried away, we forget thing, we don’t take note of miles driven or we simply put a regular maintenance activity off until the next payday and the important maintenance does not get done.  Keeping on top of routine maintenance is vital and if you don’t this could prove costly.


Tires are an important part of your car.  A few things matter with tires and the first is that of tire pressure. Many of us overlook our tire pressure and think little of it but it is something we should check often, at least every time we fill up with gas.  Incorrect tire pressure can lead to tires wearing out faster or unevenly, a simple check each time you fill up with gas can save you a lot money later and it could even save your life. The tread on tires is often overlooked too and many drivers leave it far too long until tires are changed or they leave it too late and they are stranded with a flat. Check your tires.

Car Overheating

Many drivers forget that their engines need to run relatively cool.  Modern cars need less coolant that some older models but water in radiators does need to be checked frequently. A car running too hot or even being allowed to overheat causes an entire train of potential damage to the engine and other components. Keeping coolant topped up and ensuring you don’t overheat is vital!

Ignoring Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard warning lights are there for a reason. These small lights tell you something isn’t right. When the fuel light comes on it tells us to fill up and we rarely ignore this. So why then do we ignore other warning lights? If a warning light comes on attend to it as soon as possible, a simple light could mean a small fault that if ignored becomes a big fault.


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