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Lessons you learn from owning your home

Lessons you learn from owning your home

Home Depot helps people turn houses into homes. With a little help from a Home Depot Coupon, We Are Coupons saves homeowners a lot of money when turning their house into a home. Bur what does owning a home really teach a person?  Here are some of the real things you learn when owning your home.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Owning a home is not quite a situation where you buy a place and everything is perfect.  You buy a house, they say, but you make a home.  Turning a house into a home takes time and needs some effort. Everything about a home needs to be planned and thought through. You may have bought something within your budget and to create you dream home you now need to spend some time effort and money do so.

The real value of a Dollar

When you own a home and you begin to look after it, maintain it and improve it you realise just how costly things are.  You soon realise just what a dollar is worth and one dollar feels more like five hundred dollars when you get started. Every penny does count, especially if you want a nice house and still want a life.

You Learn to Prioritize

Owning a home teaches you to prioritize.  What might seem important at first more than likely isn’t in reality. You may want a new lounge suite or TV but winter is coming and the roof needs looking at or the windows let cold air in. Suddenly your comfort becomes more important that a  TV or lounge suite. Things break and just when you were planning  you treat yourself to something nice you need to spend on the house. Owning a home changes you and challenges you.

Never Take the First Quote

When calling in contractors don’t jump at the first quote you get. Get at least three quotes and compare. Seek advice from people who have or have not used a particular contractor before. The difference in quotes can be phenomenal and a little patience could save you thousands of dollars and a whole heap of regrets.

Know when you really must call in the pro

There comes a point where every homeowner needs to call in a professional contractor. However, there are many jobs where you think a contractor is needed when you can do it yourself if you have the right tools and a little know how. As a homeowner you soon learn when you call in pro or when to DIY.

You Appreciate a past landlord

Once you own a home and realize how much work it is and what it costs you really appreciate past landlords or even your parents. Being a homeowner is hard work and costs money but, let’s face it,  you love it and wouldn’t change it for the world!




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