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How to make your home pet friendly

How to make your home pet friendly

Home Depot has been helping Americans make their homes amazing for many years and when it comes to making Home improvement easy they are the only place to shop. But did you know that Home Depot also cares about your pets?  Making your home more pet-friendly is high on the agenda at Home Depot and using a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can do so for less. So, how do you make your home more pet friendly?

A Pet Space

While nearly all pets, especially puppies and kittens will explore the whole house they must have a space they know is theirs. Home Depot has all the pet items you could wish for to kit this space out. Make sure your pet has his or her space that they know is theirs. Keep bedding and toys in this space as well as water and your dog or cat will come to know this is their place, a place where they are safe and can sleep and relax as well as be told to go to if they misbehave.

Remove the hazards

Your home is full of hazards for cats, dogs and other pets and you may not be aware of them all. One of the first things to do is to keep all cleaning materials and chemicals out of reach from your pets. It is all too easy for a pet to knock and spill chemicals or for a puppy to think a plastic bottle of bleach is a chew toy. Electrical cables and devices make wonderful playthings for inquisitive pets and dogs as well as cats can easily chew through cables. Whether the cable is live or not is not the issue, cables are dangerous and even if off or not plugged in a chewed cable can be costly to replace and it is your fault not your pet! Finally, look at the plants around your home, many plants may look pretty but a lot a poisonous for your bet.

Make your garden pet friendly

Your garden or yard is equally as unsafe as your house. Fences need to be sturdy and strong to keep your pet in the garden. Irrigation systems are loved by dogs, not just when they are spraying water but also chewable items that clearly taste amazing. Older animals may struggle with steps to it makes sense to invest in some form of a ramp. Also, consider the plants to have growing, make sure they are pet friendly and of course take care when using pesticides and fertilizers that can harm your animals.

Pet Safe Fabrics and covers

If your couch is comfortable for you it is even more comfortable for your dog or cat. Having wonderful fabrics that make your nome look stylish is all well and good but dogs and cats do not take their shoes and always put their feet up. They love to chew, paw and scratch on your furniture and because of this, you need to look at furniture made using tough fabric or invest in pet-friendly furniture covers.

It is easy to make your home pet friendly, you just need to think and plan ahead and your home will be happy for you and your animals.


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