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Three Labor Day Home Improvement Tasks for a Holiday Weekend

Three Labor Day Home Improvement Tasks for a Holiday Weekend

Labor Day is just around the corner, 7th September to be precise and this means there is a little bit of time to plan some amazing home improvement projects you can complete in 3 days or less. Home Depot often has Labor Day sales leading up to the September Holiday Weekend and you can shop online using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon and save even more money. So what amazing Labor Day Projects can you complete in a 3-day weekend? Here are a few to consider.

Make your house look amazing

Labor Day weekend is the ideal opportunity to give the exterior of your home a makeover. In 3 days or less you can make you home look impressive and boost its curb appeal with just a good clean. But a clean is not really enough and while cleaning you may uncover a few less than desirable parts of your house that have been hidden under the grime and dirt. This is not a train wreck and much of what you unearth can be remedied with ease. A few coats of paint here and there, window frames, doors and even masonry is often enough. You may need to fix a few cracks and replace a few shingles but other than that a few days spent glamming up the exterior is a superb Labor Day Weekend task.

Build a Patio

Very often people have entertained all summer in their yards and gardens wishing they has a patio on which to entertain. A patio is not a massive job but it can be completed in a 3 day weekend with ease. Planning is essential and preparation of the ground underneath is vital. A patio is more than just laying some bricks on the ground.  You need to consider drainage and foundations and Home Depot can offer you all the advice and help you need.

Build a Firepit

This is an old favorite weekend outdoor DIY project. A firepit is yet another straightforward project that adds value to your property and indeed makes life more enjoyable. However, as with the patio a firepit requires some planning and the right materials, it is not just about digging a hole in which you can light a fire. Getting the position of the firepit right is vital, ensuring it is kept clear from flammable trees and bushes or even wooden outdoor buildings is essential. Digging the hole is easy but layers the right fireproof materials  takes some forethought and Home Depot has all the materials and advice you could wish for.


These three easy DIY tasks are jobs you will never regret doing over a Labor Day weekend and your effort will soon lead to happy moments that create many memories in your home. You can even turn these projects into “parties” and get your friends and families to help, that is what life is about after all.

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