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20 Home Improvements to Avoid in 2022 - Part 2

20  Home Improvements to Avoid in 2022  - Part 2

Your house is perhaps the biggest investment you will ever make.  This week, in this unique four part article we will guide you through top 20 home improvement you should do your best to avoid if you want to protect your investment. Lowes, have been helping people cherish and improve their homes for many decades and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on nearly everything in store.

Carpeted Bathrooms

There may have been a time when stepping across the master bedroom and onto an icy-cold tiled floor made a carpeted bathroom seemed like a brilliant idea, but that time is over. That's what bathmats are for. Carpets and water in the same place is simply asking for mold growth or damage. Some modern homes have heated flooring's, which is a huge selling point to potential home buyers and far preferable to the hygiene nightmare of a carpeted bathroom.

Over the top Gold Fixtures and Hardware

Metallic finishes can give your home warmth and sophistication, but if you have shiny gold fixtures and hardware consider removing them. Gold carries a needlessly flashy and gaudy look that may appeal to nouveau riche buyers, but most home buyers find it as outdated as the '80s. Instead, opt to replace these fixtures with warmer metals, such as polished brass or brushed nickel. Bling is not what you need in your home.

Tiled Countertops

Your kitchen and bathroom countertops play a huge part in the eye of a potential home buyer. If their tiled, consider removing them. At one time, this trend seemed modern, but the nitty-gritty involved with maintaining tiled countertops can be off-putting. Think about it - what do you do if a tile chips and it needs to be replaced? Are you prepared to clean the porous grout regularly to prevent mold and bacteria growth? It just makes the already-unwelcome chore of cleaning the kitchen that much worse.

Cheap Wood Panelling

Cheap always looks cheap no matter what. Wood-panelled homes are beautiful. If you have stunning wooden wainscoting throughout your home, leave it alone. However, if the walls of your house contain cheap wood panelling meant for a church basement bingo game, remove it immediately. Lower quality wood panelling instantly dates your home and screams "cheap" to those looking. Worse, it may imply that the panelling was put up to cover up larger problems, like a lack of insulation or unfinished walls.

Taxidermy and Stuffed Animals

Animal heads on display will not appeal to every home buyer, so it's best to remove that moose head when selling. That said, it may not be a hindrance to a sale in certain regions of the US, where hunting is popular. On the same note, similar items like a bull's skull strategically placed over a mantlepiece or in a garden, will only be appealing to certain types of home bars. Remember that your goal is to make your home an open template so a perspective homebuyer can envision living in the house.

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