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5 Weird things to buy at Home Depot

5 Weird things to buy at Home Depot

Home Depot has everything you need to turn any home into a dream home. Shopping online is by far the best way to shop at Home Depot and with a Home Depot Discount Coupon from We Are Coupons not only is online a great way to shop it is a great way to save money too. But Home Depot doesn’t only stock hammers, nails and nuts and bolts, it has some weird stuff too. A quick Google found these 5 strange things you can buy at Home Depot

Keep Pests Away with Coyote Urine

Do you have a problem with pests entering your garden?  Have you tried everything to keep pests and bay and given up?  Don’t give up because Home Depot has the most amazing solution, excuse the pun, to help you. Home Depots sells Coyote Urine, yes Coyote Urine and when you spray this on your garden any other pests will stay far away. This is natures antidote for a pest-free garden and it works! Get yours today!

Best Fertilizer for your garden – Bat Guano

If you want your garden to bloom brighter and have the greenest lawn don’t turn chemicals. Mother Nature always has the best solution to help make your garden better and bat guano is the number one secret of many of the best gardening experts in the world. Bat Guano is a 100% organic and totally safe for your garden. If you want your garden to look amazing this stuff will amaze you.

No Milk but you can buy the Milk Crate

One a common thing to find and now less so as the supply of milk has changed over the years, Home Depot sells Milk Crates. For some reason Milk Crates are one of the most sought-after containers and carriers for just about anything. They are tough, strong and light and above all tend to last a lifetime.

Bring your garden trees to life

No this is not a fertilizer that makes trees grow better but something far weirder. Whistlin’ Pete, as this weird outdoor décor is called is a face that you can quite literally put on any large tree and make it look like it really lives. It can be fun and the same time very creepy. Available from Home Depot, where else?

A flock of Flamingos

No, Home Depot has not suddenly started selling live rare animals. However, one of the weirdest things you can buy at Home Depot is a pack of 50, yes 50, plastic flamingos that you can use to adorn your garden to convince people that you have gone mad or the ideal surprise for someone turning 50 to find in their garden or yard.


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