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The expert way to mow your lawn

The expert way to mow your lawn

Mowing your lawn is one of the most essential and even enjoyable parts of having a garden.  Lowes has a great selection of lawnmowers to help you mow your lawn and of course you can save money on any of these machines by using a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons. But it is all well and good owning a lawnmower but how do you mow your lawn to get that professional look?  Here how to mow your lawn like an expert.

Change you route

When you mow in the same direction every time you cut you begin to create a permanent pattern or permanent strips that do not always grow back perfectly. It makes sense to mow in a different direction each time you cut and keep your grass looking perfectly green all year round.

Best time to mow

There is an ideal time to mow and that is mid to late morning once the dew has lifted. Mowing at the right time makes a big difference to the end result... try it and see!

No Rush

There is no need to rush mowing your lawn. If you rush to mow your lawn you will most certainly miss some spots, and this looks unsightly. Try to mow with your mower on a medium speed, slow down for any corners or turns and keep control of your mower. You should always trim any borders for a close cut and to keep them tidy.

The One Third Rule

There is a golden rule that all gardeners who know about mowing lawns stick to. The tule is know and the one third rule. One third means that no more than one third of any blade should be removed when mowing the lawn.

Never cut too short

Cutting too short can easily see your grass turn yellow. Grass of about 3 inches looks best, for some people it is too long, as it is greener. Remember, longer grass helps build a stronger and deeper root system that in turn keeps the grass healthy as well as preventing weeds.

Sharp blades matter

A blunt instrument never cuts well. This is true for your lawnmower. Most lawnmowers have removable blades so that the blades can be sharpened easily. For a perfect and manicured lawn, a clean cut with a sharp blade is essential. You can have your lawnmower blades sharpened professionally or you can sharpen them yourself by following the instructions in the manual.

Water the lawn

While not so much part of mowing your lawn like an expert watering your lawn is all part of the trick to having a perfectly mowed lawn. Lawns love water, not too much, but frequent watering and even feeding will help with the mowing and work with you to keep your lawn looking amazing all year round.

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