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Garden Trands for 2022

Garden Trands for 2022

It’s winter the last thing you want to think about at home is your garden. Thanks to Lowes your garden is all ready and resting for winter waiting for spring to come around. Clever people have saved  money of their gardens throughout 2021 with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons and are set to do the same in the year ahead. So, what garden trends can we expect in the year ahead?  Here are five garden trends that look set to be massive next year that you can start planning in your head this winter.

Vegetable and Herb Gardens

Everyone wants to eat healthier and do things a little greener. With more time still expected to be spent at home as the pandemic lingers people will spend more time in their garden or want to get more from. For these reasons herb and vegetable gardens will be very trendy garden additions in the year ahead. Growing your own food and even growing it as a community of neighbors is a wonderful thing, veg always tastes better when grown from home and with your own herbs you never run out of what gives your food its real flavor.  2022 will see you having a veg and herb patch or area if you want to remain stylish and cool in 2022!


Topiary will remain trendy in any garden in the year ahead. Many avid gardeners are fast learning about topiary and are becoming suitably impressed with their impressive green creations. Another top trend in this field will be what is termed cloud pruning where trees and bushes are cut to look like clouds. Mastering cloud pruning will have people look in wonder at your now amazing garden in the year ahead.


Many garden design experts believe that ponds will make a real comeback in 2022. Ponds make a truly amazing and tranquil feature of any garden.  Installing a pond with some help from an expert is not too difficult and maintaining it can soon become fun and very addictive. Ponds always make a garden feel very classy and on a warm summer’s day they can become a cool place to sit with a book, fish are also very relaxing to watch.

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment spaces are also going to be popular in 2022. With people spending more time at home more entertainment friendly garden is a something more people want. Fire pits are going to be popular and spaces for general relaxation will be a popular addition to any open space.

Kid Friendly Garden

Another huge trend expected in garden design and thinking for 2022 will be kid friendly gardens. A kid- and teen-friendly garden is a great way to get the whole family involved in an activity (and also limit screen time!) and this is something  more and more households are looking  to do.



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