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History of the Chainsaw

History of the Chainsaw

While it is known that Lowes has plenty of Chainsaws in store and that you can use a Lowes Money Off Coupon to save money on one not many know the history of chainsaws. The history of the chainsaw begins in the early twentieth century when Andreas Stihl invented the first electric chainsaw in Germany. At 140 pounds, it required two men to operate it. Because of the Great Depression, chainsaw adoption was slow. In 1927, Emil Lerp introduced the first gasoline powered chainsaw, which weighed 125 pounds. Stihl's version came out in 1929. Both chainsaws were designed for two men to operate at the same time.

Andreas Stihl

In 1925, Andreas Stihl opened a small workshop in his home, creating chainsaws and other products. The first electric saw required two people to use and weighed about 140 pounds. After developing a gasoline-powered version, Stihl sold 50 electric saws before opening a factory in Stuttgart. By the early 20th century, he was one of the most popular tools for yard work and forestry.

Emil Lerp

The first gasoline chain saw came from a German company founded by Emil Lerp in 1927. His chainsaw is known as the DOLMAR chain saw and the company was named after Mount Dolmar. The chain saw is still used for forestry today. It was the first of its kind and changed the way people worked and sawed. Its development was the start of a chainsaw revolution.


The EGO chainsaw is an elegant, modern tool that doesn't require fuel stabilizers or spark plug changes. Its side-loading battery allows for easy recharging while still providing ample power for large-scale cutting jobs. In addition to the ergonomic contours, the saw features a powerful brushless motor. That means less maintenance and more reliability. Read on to learn more about this unique chainsaw. Here are the benefits of the EGO chainsaw.

STIHL's chainsaws

The STIHL chainsaw history began in 1927 when Andreas Stihl started a company. In 1927, the company moved to the town of Bad Cannstatt, near Stuttgart. This new location was badly damaged during World War II, so Stihl moved production to the town of Waiblingen. During the 1970s, the company expanded its operations to Brazil, where it began manufacturing chain saws. The company employed about 2,500 people in 1973, and had a combined turnover of DM 222 million.

Safety features

When choosing a chainsaw, make sure it has several safety features. The main features of a chainsaw include an easy-to-use stop control and a chain with reduced kickback. These safety features help minimize kickback by adding protective links between the cutting teeth and reducing the nose radius, which reduces the saw's feed pressure and kickback. Also, make sure the operator can easily reach the chain brake and the chain-reduction lever if needed.


If you're a first-time buyer of a chainsaw, you'll probably be surprised to learn that the price can vary from store to store. If you're not sure how much the chainsaw will cost, consider what you'll be using it for. If you're only planning to use it on a few occasions, a $100 to $200 chainsaw will suffice. However, if you're planning on using the chainsaw extensively, you'll need a saw that will handle the heavy usage.

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