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Things Americans Hoard

Things Americans Hoard

Home Depot is full of the latest stuff for your home and a place where ideas for home renovation can be born. You can save money on just about anything at Home Depot Online with a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon and that is awesome. However, tons of Americans buy stuff they think they need or do need and then hoard it away never to be used but “just in case”. What are the top 5 things American households’ hoard?

Old Clothes

The number one thing hoarded by everyone, not just Americans, is old clothes. Nearly everyone has clothes dating back 10 years or so, mothers keep baby clothes as potential hand-me-downs and a lot of us keep clothes that me think we might wear again but never do. Have a look and see what you are hoarding, you could sell them and make some money or there are plenty of people with almost nothing who would benefit from a donation!

Chargers and Cables

This is a 21st century hoarding problem and one that nearly everyone is familiar with.  Nearly every home in the United States has a wonderful collection of cables and chargers for a multitude of devices. In many cases we have cables that power something we cannot remember. We have chargers that are now out of date and charge nothing because whatever it charged is no longer produced. Then we have broken chargers that we swear one day we will repair or hope that by magic is will repair itself.

Old Magazines and Newspapers

This is another hoarded item that many people are guilty of. We read a magazine or newspaper and find something interesting in it and put it aside because we will use it later or show it to someone later. Recipes, jokes and or just anything of interest makes whatever we have read seemingly priceless when actually it is just cluttering up the house. But, all of us are human I guess!

Outdated electronics

This surely follows on from is coupled with all those chargers everyone keeps. We keep millions of old electronic items in our homes that range from antiquated TV games through really pointless kitchen appliances. But it goes further, even if the outdated electronic item doesn’t work we keep it and there is absolutely no reason why, we will never repair it and we will never need new parts. Old appliances and electronic gadgets are a modern day top item we hoard!


Boxes is one of the strangest things we hoard. We always think the box will be handy for something, exactly what we do not know but it will be handy. Hundreds of thousands of tons of boxes are quite literally cluttering up millions of homes in the US and yet whenever we get something in a box we add to the pile.

Clear out your hoarded clutter, sell some stuff or just trash it and just feel the liberation!

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