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Important Tools to Carry in your Car

Important Tools to Carry in your Car

Lowes has everything you  need for your home. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything you need for your home. However, Lowes goes beyond your home and can also help you with your car. With a wide range of tools and other motoring related products you can be safe in the road with Lowes.  What tools and equipment should every motorist keep in their car?

The Life Hammer

We have all seen how a car can end up in water and sink. Breaking windows to escape a wrecked car is not easy at the best times and underwater it is one hundred times more difficult. To solve this problem a small device called a Life Hammer should be kept close to the driver at all time. A Life Hammer is a small tool that uses Velcro to attach itself to the side of the seat in an easy and quick to reach location to make breaking a window in a car, even underwater, easy and efficient. This tiny little hammer could save your life!

Socket and Screwdriver Set

Breaking down on the side of the road is a nuisance. Very often the reason for the breakdown is relatively minor. For this reason a basic socket and spanner set is vital. With a screwdriver or a socket you can reach and repair most parts of your car and be on your way again in not time at all without the need to call a breakdown truck.

Duct Tap

A minor fender bender or damage from a fallen tree can leave panels out of place. Exhausts can break and need temporarily holding in place. For any of these scenarios having a couple of rolls of duct tape in the car can be a real lifesaver. Duct tape will keep you on the road until such point as you can get a proper repair done.

Tow Strap or Rope

A proper tow strap or tow rope is vital. Too many motorists do not carry this essential item with them and if they do it is not a rope strong enough for the job. Investing in a purpose-made tow strap will be useful if you need a tow or for when someone else needs a tow. Never leave home without one of these.

Jumper Cables

We all know what having a flat battery is like. Jumper cables are a real lifesaver when your battery or the  battery of another driver dies. Jumper cables are extremely affordable and take up very little space in the car and you never know when you might need them most.


In amongst everything perhaps the most basic thing to have in your car for emergencies is a sharp strong knife. A knife can cut and scrape and more and solve so many problems on the side of the road and it will be something you never regret carrying in your car.

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