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The Tools you need for tiling

The Tools you need for tiling

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One task that frequently comes up for the more experienced and capable DIYer is that if tiling. Both wall tiles and floor tiles make a house look amazing and a kitchen or bathroom would not be the same without them.  However, tiling is a home maintenance and home improvement task that many leave to the professionals.  For those who do attempt it having the right tools is essential. So, what tools do you need to ensure your tiling goes smoothly?

Wet Saw or Tile Cutter

Top of the list for anyone who wants to ensure their tiling is as good as the professionals is a wet saw or tile cutter. These amazing machines can be hired or can be purchased for at little as $100. A wet saw or tile cutter helps you cut those awkward shaped tiles perfectly, easily and quickly.

Grout Float

Ever wondered how professional tilers get the grout between the tiles looking so good?  The trick what is called a grout float. These basic tools that look like a masonry trowel have a rubber base that forces grout into the gaps between the tiles leaving a perfect finish every time.

Grout Sponge

It may seem possible to use a normal household sponge to wipe away excess grout but you would be wrong. A grout sponge has specially rounded edges that ensure a smooth finish is maintained and that grout is not excessively removed.

Notched Trowel

When grout is applied to a wall or floor you always see the perfect grooved patterns. These patterns are essential to ensure your tiles adhere to the surface. To create these grooves you need a notched trowel. Notched trowels have notches of different sizes for different tiles, you will need to make sure you have the right sized notched trowel for a really good job.

Tile Nippers

Sometimes called nibblers, tile nippers are what is used to cut square tiles into round tiles. They work a little like fingernail clippers and nearly all tilers rely on this tool to help them finish the finer details of tiling.

Spirit Level

It is essential, in most cases, that you set and lay your tiles level. To get a perfect you need a spirit or bubble level. This simply devices uses a bubble or air inside a vial of liquid that sits centrally when level.

Rubber Mallet

The final tool you need for perfect tiling is a rubber mallet. A rubber mallet allows you to gently tap your tiles into place without damaging the tile. A must have for any tiling job. 

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