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5 Essential Tools Every DIYer should have

When it comes to DIY, Lowes has everything you need We Are Coupons can save you money on just about everything at Lowes with the best Lowes Coupons on the net. Every DIY enthusiast claims to have the best and most complete toolkit for all their work. But when  it comes to the absolute essentials and tools you will never regret buying what are the top 5?  We Are Coupons has done some homework and asked some questions and here are our 5 Essential Tools Every DIYer should have

A Sander

Top of the list of 5 Essential Tools Every DIYer should have is a sander. If you are undertaking any project with wood it is a 90% certainty that the wood you are working with will need sanding. At first you may convince yourself that you are a master craftsman and can sand by hand, the reality will hit home fast. Once you discover the power of an electric sander you will understand once and for all why you will never sand by hand again!

Mitre Saw

One of the most formidable tools every DIYer should have is a mitre saw. A mitre saw is somewhat of a monster in the eyes of some DIYers but it is a tool that becomes so useful on so many projects that you will never regret it. For precision sawing and time saving adding a Mitre saw to your tool kit will bring a smile to your face.

Circular Saw

It seems like power is the key to all the essential tools in a DIYers toolkit. A circular saw is the next step up from the Mitre saw and far better at sawing and cutting larger boards for larger projects. With a circular saw your sawing problems are all solved and sawing even the largest boards and planks takes no time at all. If you want to put up some shelves a circular saw makes light work of this project and turns you into a pro!

A Jig

Cutting up wood and sanding it is all fine but when  it comes to sticking it all together you need an extra pair of hands. Most of us don’t have an extra pair of hands available all the time. This is where a high quality jig becomes and essential tool for any DIYer taking things seriously. When it comes to placing all the pieces of wood together for making tables and bookshelves your best friend is a jig. A few twists of the handle a the perfect pressure is applied and in no time at all your latest creation is complete!

A Reciprocating Saw

So, it is clear this post is more about power saws that tools but these are the 5 Essential Tools Every DIYer should have. A reciprocating saw is a right hand man for anyone who needs to cut up pieces of wood such as pallets fast.  With a reciprocating saw you are the boss and slicing and sawing wood of all types is taken care of.

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