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Keep cool this coming summer

Keep cool this coming summer

With summer fast approaching are you ready to keep cool? Plenty of households and offices are never fully prepared for heat of summer. Having simply packed (thrown or tossed) away the assortment of cooling appliances they had for last summer many people find they cannot keep as cool as they like. So, it makes sense to plan ahead either check out your old fans and appliances or simply go and buy new. Lowes has plenty to choose from and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on keeping cool this summer. Here are some cool ideas

Fans of all sizes

The most basic cooling device is a fan. A lot of people say that fans just circulate hot air but on a hot summers day having a fan is better than nothing at all. From battery powered hand held fans that are perfect for personal use to industrial fans, Lowes has them all.

Desktop and pedestal fans are portable and can be moved from room to toom to keep you cool day and night. Fans can be basic with a simple on and off and two or three speed settings or they can have sophisticated actions that changes the direction of the air from time to time as this is believed to improve cooling.

Some fans today have a water misting feature that fills a room with fine droplets of water, some can even be fragranced, and others have a small refrigeration unit that ensures the water is ice cold. No longer is a fan just a fan.

Ceiling fans are awesome and tremendously popular. The secret to keeping a room cool with a ceiling fan is not to have it spin like an airplane propeller, but have it turn slowly. Don’t believe it? Try it and see.

Air Conditioners

If you are lucky enough to have a full HVAC air-conditioning unit in your home, then you know all about the benefits of having cold air pumped into a room at the press of a button. Today, portable air conditioning units come a close second to fully installed HVAC systems. As portable as fans in some cases, small aircon units are perfect appliances to keep any space cool. Small air-conditioning and machines that cool using water are tremendously popular and work a treat, especially in small properties.

Pool Time

Lowes has all the appliances you need to keep cool but if you want more then there is only one real way to keep cool… yes you guessed…  a swimming pool! Lowes has wide selection of small splash pools and easy to erect above ground swimming pools that make the perfect place to cool off on hot day. So, if a fan or air conditioning just isn’t enough head down to Lowes and pick up the pool of your choice to keep real cool and have some fun this summer season.

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