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The Latest Technology to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

The Latest Technology to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

At The Home Depot keeping abreast of technology is a top priority. When it comes to tech and ideas for the home, Home Depot is your answer. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything in store. There are many ways to stay cool this summer. You can invest in Energy-efficient window air conditioners and Smart thermostats. You can also buy plants and energy-efficient light bulbs to keep your home cool. But how can you make sure that your home is comfortable? Read on to learn about the latest technologies to keep your home cool this summer. They may surprise you. But they will definitely make the summer months much more pleasant.


Energy-efficient window air conditioners

You may be wondering how to buy the best energy-efficient window air conditioner. While many of them feature advanced technology, not all are equally efficient. In fact, a window air conditioner should be able to cool your home while allowing you to adjust the temperature easily. If you want to be comfortable in your home no matter where you are, you need to choose a model that can make your home cool, quiet and comfortable all at once.


Smart thermostats

If you want to save money this summer while keeping your home cool, consider investing in a smart thermostat. These new devices let you control the temperature in your home from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. You can set the thermostat to maintain a specific temperature for a particular room or set a general average temperature throughout the home. You can also program it to adjust the temperature on a specific schedule or manually control it.



While air conditioners are the traditional means of cooling your home, introducing indoor plants into your home is a much more natural option. The leaves of indoor plants absorb warm air and release cool moisture through transpiration. This helps cool the surrounding air. Additionally, plants have the added benefit of improving mood, concentration, and productivity. And as plants don't require any electrical energy, they won't run up your bill either.


Energy-efficient light bulbs

The summer months can be hot and uncomfortable, and that means cranking up the air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature. But, the summer heat can also make your power bill skyrocket. These five easy tips will help you keep your home cool and save money on power bills, too. Start with installing energy-efficient light bulbs. These bulbs produce less heat and are 75 percent more efficient than incandescent light bulbs.


Smart blinds

Smart blinds help to keep your home cool this summer by adjusting according to the season and the time of day. Motorized shades, for example, can be programmed to open at the hottest time of day and close at night. They can even be controlled by a smartphone app, which helps homeowners save money on air conditioning. These shades help to keep your home cool in the summer and save money on energy costs, too.


Energy-efficient window film

As summertime nears, homeowners are searching for ways to keep their homes cooler. As summer temperatures begin to climb, homeowners are finding themselves unable to watch television or listen to the radio without cranking up their air conditioning. To combat this problem, you can consider adding heat-reducing window film to your windows. Whether you need to keep your home cool during the day or want to enjoy a crisp night's sleep, there are numerous benefits to this type of film.

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