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Making your home wheelchair accessible

Making your home wheelchair accessible

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Accessible Homes

There are many quick ways to make your home wheelchair friendly for disabled guests. For example, you can lower the closet rods so that wheelchair users can reach clothes. If you're not sure how to make the doors easier to open, consider installing lever handles on the faucet and doorknobs. Furniture legs can be raised using furniture coasters or blocks of wood. Make sure to avoid clumsy transitions between different levels of furniture.


Grab bars

Installing grab bars at key areas of your home can make your home more accessible to people with limited mobility. Grab bars can also make it easier for people to reach doorknobs and light switches. Other easy ways to increase accessibility include installing a wheelchair lift or a ramp. Other simple updates can include lowering furniture legs or installing lever handles. Below are some tips for making your home wheelchair friendly.



There are several things you should consider before installing a wheelchair ramp in your home. The first is the amount of light available in your home. Your house may have sufficient light but there may be no lighting at the back of the house. If there is a light at the back of the house, make sure it is bright enough for the people using wheelchairs to see it clearly. If not, you may need to install additional lighting.


Door levers

Whether you are making your home wheelchair friendly for guests or you are in need of a quick fix, door levers are a great way to help those with mobility problems get in and out of your home. Unlike traditional door knobs, levers are easier to turn and require less movement on the part of the disabled person. Ideally, you should start with your entryway and replace all of the doorknobs with levers. These devices can cost anywhere from $10 to $25.


Channel drains

Adding channel drains and no-lip showers to your bathroom can improve safety and reduce fall risks. Channel drains also make showering easier, because they remove water faster. In the kitchen, good task lighting improves safety and visibility. Make sure you have enough room for an expert aid and caretaker. Channel drains also make it easy to get out of the shower after taking a shower.


Ceramic tile

There are many benefits to installing a wheelchair-friendly floor in your home. First, ceramic tile is more resistant to water than other materials. Tiles are durable and come in a variety of sizes and textures. Tiles with textured surfaces are easier to grip with wheelchair wheels than smooth tiles. Because ceramic tile has a textured surface, it is more slip-resistant. Smaller tiles also require more grout lines.


Stair lifts

Many seniors and people with disabilities want to remain in their homes as long as possible. Studies show that 70% of these individuals would prefer to stay in their own homes, and over 60% want to live independently. Making your home wheelchair friendly is possible with the help of a stair lift. Using stairs can be a challenge for people with disabilities, and they are an excellent option for aging in place. Thankfully, stair lifts are getting increasingly popular and affordable. They are far less expensive than assisted living facilities and can greatly improve the quality of life for your elderly or disabled family members.

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