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What to do with unwanted gifts

What to do with unwanted gifts

Christmas has been and gone and most of us received some wonderful gifts. Many of us may have received amazing gifts from Home Depot, getting more than expected because someone used a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons. However, there will be a few of us that received gifts that we don’t want and somehow want to dispose of without offending the kind person who gave them to us.  So, how do9 you dispose of unwanted gifts?

When we received our gifts we were thankful but now that we have opened them they may be very legitimate reasons why we don’t want them. The item may not fit, we have multiple of the same or it is not really you. All do reasons and here are some ways to dispose of unwanted gifts.

Donate to Charity

One very worthy way to dispose of unwanted gifts is to donate them to charity. As long as your gift works and is not damaged charities will always accept items. There is always someone worse off or there are always charity shops that will onsell your item to raise funds for a good cause. Giving your unwanted gifts to charity is a way to dispose of unwanted gifts without feeling so guilty knowing you will make someone else happy.

Auction on eBay

After Christmas eBay is full of unwanted gifts. So folk simply sell what they have at a fixed price as they would on any other selling platform but many auction off their unwanted gifts to the highest bidder. You may have let the person  know that you will be disposing of the gift, it is the polite thing to do and you might even decide to give the money you raise to charity, similar to above.  Ebay is exceptionally easy to use and auctioning is often fun. You might be amazed at just how much someone will spend on your unwanted gift, especially if it is something that many places no longer have stock of.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace will be awash with unwanted gifts after Christmas. This simple app within the popular social media platform enables you to sell to people close by, in your neighborhood or to your friends. It is easy and reliable and will often help you sell fast for a good price. Again you may wish to donate any money to charity.


In the days before all the online sales platforms there were only really two ways to dispose of unwanted gifts; the charity or regifting.  Regifting is still popular and very often we all know someone who will love an item of clothing or be happy with your second appliance. This process makes you feel good without any guilt and the gift is still making someone happy.

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