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Smart Tech for Over 50s Homeowners - Part 1

Smart Tech for Over 50s Homeowners - Part 1

Home Depot has been helping Americans look after their homes for decades.  As American homeowners age so their needs begin to differ. As needs differ and challenges arise many homeowners are turning to smart technology to tackle the problems.  There are plenty of smart gadgets that make sense to older people at Home Depot and any or all them can be purchased for less with a Home Depot Money Saving Coupon. So, what are the top 10 smart gadgets that more mature homeowners should be considering? Here are the first 5.

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

For obvious reasons smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in the home.  Smart detectors can serve multiple purposes. Firstly the occupants can be warmed of smoke of carbon monoxide by the sounding of an alarm. Secondly, such smart detectors can warn or inform carers or family members of a problem and the necessary action can be taken.

Wireless Doorbells and Cameras

Home security is top of the list as you get older.  Wireless doorbells with cameras are very affordable and are an excellent security product to install.  Very easy to use and ensure an older person only open the door up to people known to them.

Keyless Entry

A popular security feature now fitted by many older people is keyless entry. Losing keys is all too common but fingerprint or code accessed locks are no so easy to lose. Furthermore, such locks are far more difficult to pick and force entry through.

Automatic Lighting

Security lighting that is switched on an off by sensors has long been used for outdoor purposes. Today, indoor automatic lighting can make switching lights on and off easier or simple ensure lights are not left on. Furthermore, when away from home, lighting can be programmed to create the impression someone is home.

Smart water shutoff valves

Preventative maintenance is always the best maintenance. Plumbing is one area where preventative maintenance can save a lot of money. When it comes to leak detection smart water shut off valves are superb gadgets to have. These devices quickly shut off water at the first sign of a leak faster than can be done by a person looking for a leak.

These are just five simple smart devices that older people according to The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence® and the MIT AgeLab’s research shows are being purchased and used. Focused on homeowner over the age of 50 the research showed how mobile and internet technology is being embraced in mature households. In Part two of this article the final “Smart Gadgets” helping to make homes of mature people safer and easier to live in will be looked at. 

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