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Smart Garden Gadets

Smart Garden Gadets

Home Depot has kept up with the times and has always been a leader in providing the latest home technology devices at the best prices. We Are Coupons helps you save money of smart devices from Home Depot when shopping online with a Home Depot Coupon. Perhaps the final frontier of a smart home is the garden, with Alexa this and Siri that the garden is an unexpected place to find smart technology. Well, there are plenty of amazing smart gadgets and ideas for your garden that are fast changing the face of gardening as we know it. Here are a few of the smart garden gadgets now staring to appear:

Smart Plant Sensors

Everyone is jealous of those with green fingers who can grow everything and anything perfectly. Well, now you can become equally as green fingered with a plant sensor or two in your garden. Plant sensors are a simple device that measure soil moisture levels and when connected to an App on your phone you can receive watering reminders and even reminders to fertilize whatever plant you set the sensor to monitor. Super simple and super clever.

Automatic lawnmower

This must be the smart gadget every man has ever wanted. This simple and very clever smart technology for the garden can mow your lawns at set times and even in set patterns all controlled by an app on your phone. There will now no longer be any moaning about who mows the lawn or just that lawn needs mowing. Saturday mornings can be freed up and lawn mowing as we once knew it will become a thing of the past.

Smart Sprinklers

Automated sprinklers on timer systems have been around for a while but they were fairly limited in what they could do. Today, smart sprinkler systems take the automated sprinkler systems to a completely new level. Linked up to an App on your phone that in turn is linked to highly accurate weather data you can water your garden more accurately than ever before, no more over watering or under watering as AI takes care of the watering in your garden all year round.

Smart Garden Manager

Have ever wanted a gardening expert to help you manage your garden properly?  Just like the famous English manor house gardens with pristine lawns and perfectly growing plants you can now have the same all thanks to an App! The App allows you to fully map your entire garden with plant type, soil type and so much while linked up to a massive database and big data to help you water, feed, prune, mow and more at exactly the right time!  All clever stuff that will turn you into the master gardener simply by following instructions from your farm! Now, get down to Home Depot and buy some plants!

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