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Brief History of the Vacuum Cleaner

Brief History of the  Vacuum Cleaner

Lowes has been helping people look after their homes since the 1940s.  Today Lowes is still doing the same and has everything you need to clean your home better than ever before. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all the cleaning materials and appliances in store.  Lowes has a wide range of vacuum cleaners and there is no better time than now to purchase one. But have you ever considered the history of the vacuum cleaner?

Old Horse Drawn Machines

The vacuum cleaner has been around for a long time.  The first machines were horse-drawn monsters that didn’t suck but blew air to loosen dirt. Using belts and brushed the machines were very much the reverse of what we would call a vacuum cleaner today. The machines were heavy, clumsy and noisy, often creating more mess than they cleaned.

Suction in the 1900s

Hubert Cecil Booth is considered the father of the vacuum cleaner.  I realised that by placing a handkerchief on the cushion if a seat and sucking through it he could remove dirt and catch it is the cloth. His mind racing he set to work and built gas powered suction device. Again the machine was massive and needed to the transported to the place of work.  It could not enter the building and required a set of pipes to the connected and dragged into the property. But vacuum suction cleaning was born and there was now no looking back,


In 1905 William Griffiths the first portable vacuum machine that could be used domestically. It was still a clumsy and heavy machine and financially out of reach for most people. In 1906, a year later James P Kirby invented the Domestic Cyclone that used water to separate the dirt and the invention of the vacuum cleaner was progressing. Still, the machines were heavy and far from portable.  It wasn’t until William Henry Hoover bought the patent of a vacuum machine with small motor from James Murray Spangler in 1908 that portability was found. It is hard to think that if Spangler had money many people would call a vacuum cleaner a Spangler not a Hoover.

Even more portable

The initial Hoover machines were still cumbersome and it took nearly 20 years for the machines to become easy to use.  By 1926 Hoover placed the machine in a steel box and invented the first upright cleaner with no hoses required.  The Modern Vacuum Cleaner had arrived.  After World War II the machines were still rather expensive but middle class households could afford them.  The cost of production soon dropped and before long more and more American homes had  vacuum cleaner. Today everyone is glad things progressed from horse drawn bests to handheld dust busters!

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