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Creating the Perfect Batrhoom

Creating the Perfect Batrhoom

Your bathroom can be your sanctuary, or it can be the run in run out splash in the shower and carry on space in the house. No matter how you think of your bathroom a dream bathroom is designed and brought to life in very much the same way. When you are looking to upgrade or completely renew your bathroom it makes sense to speak to the experts, especially if you want a dream bathroom. Lowes has all you need to help you create your dream bathroom and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon you can do so for less. But what tips would a bathroom designer offer before you head off and buy everything you need for your bathroom remodel?

Tip #1 – Set your budget

This is the boring part of bathroom design but setting the budget is one of the most important elements. A budget will allow you spend more in some areas and save in others, it may be that you demand a certain type of bath, sunken perhaps or it may be that just need something simple and would rather have a better shower. Setting the budget is always the place to start and while it does not have to be cast in stone it does nonetheless start the ball rolling.

Tip #2 – what you need and what you want

There is a big difference between needs and wants. Knowing what you really must-have in your dream bathroom versus what is a nice to have but not essential and of course, what really is not needed are important decisions. What you need and want will depend on the sort of bathroom it is, a family bathroom can be very different to an ensuite. What you want will also be determined by your lifestyle and who will use the bathroom

Tip #3 Get some ideas

In your mind, you may already have some ideas of what you want your dream bathroom to look like but finding some further inspiration is always helpful. Gary Fullwood and his team have designed and produced many amazing bathrooms from small functional spaces in bachelor pads to sprawling luxury bathrooms at the other end of the scale. Take a look at Lowes, visit a few bathroom websites and you will soon see just how amazing your dream bathroom can be. With this information, you are better equipped to work with your bathroom design and fitment team.

Tip #4 Avoid Pipedreams

A dream bathroom is all well and good but at some point, you have to get realistic about what you can achieve or even afford. You need to be realistic about your bathroom and while in some areas your imagination can go a little wild and there will certainly be a few luxury or innovative must-haves the rest really does boil down to sense and sensibility. Knowing your space, budget and what you want the bathroom to eventually look like all have boundaries with keeping things real will eventually keep you happy.

 Tip #5 Get the planning down to a tee

Whether you are designing your dream bathroom from scratch or if you are simply remodelling or upgrading what you have you must plan things properly. In an upgrade, you need to consider carefully whether on not you should or could replace or remove a bathtub or even place it elsewhere in the room. Many of your fittings may be perfectly fine to keep and if they are then is could stretch your budget further. For a design from scratch, you might think you have a fresh canvas but if you picture things in your mind’s eye you may well realise that a certain bathtub in a certain position may not work in the space you have either because of size, plumbing or daylight. Careful planning really pays off

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