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Furniture that is fast dying out

Furniture that is fast dying out

Over the years Home Depot has helped homeowners keep their homes up to date with the latest in furniture design. Times change and over the years certain furniture items fade out of use. Thankfully Home Depot remains up to date and has plenty of the latest styles of furniture in store. When shopping online for furniture at Home Depot a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon saves you plenty of money to spend elsewhere. But what furniture items do some homes still have that are fast becoming extinct?

TV Cabinet

Do you remember when TVs were heavy boxes filled with wires and a tube?  Old box TVs are virtually non-existent today, most would not work with the latest transmission technologies and most have just worn out only to be replaced by flatscreen TVs. For an old box TV you needed a YV cabinet and many of these were bulking storing a video machine, video cassettes and other paraphernalia. Today these TV cabinets are fast dying out and certainly no needed.

CD Racks

Back in the mid to late 80s vinyl and cassette gave way to CD. CDs were all the rage and the music quality considerably better than previous formats. CDs became cheaper and soon people had vast collections of them and CD racks of all sizes were the in thing in any home. Today, music has become digital to the extreme and with the rise of home connectivity such as Alexa CDs are as good as obsolete and with this the CD racks all disappeared.

Roll Top Desk

A roll top desk was a superbly elegant piece of furniture that was perfect for the pre-technology era. The roll down top could conceal a manual mess of pens and paper that were the tools of the trade back then. Today, some people still keep a roll top desk for posterity only but in many ways the function of the desk has fallen away as technology means a person can work anywhere and the space taken up by the roll top desk can be better utilised.

Grandfather Clock

Not so long ago a home was not a home unless it had a grandfather clock or a less grand but equally centerpiece clock on the shelf. While knowing the time is still important time is told and displayed on a multitude of appliances and gadgets removing the need for a clock. It is sad in a way and thankfully many old clocks still survive and are more for posterity than actually telling the time.

Stereo Systems

Back in the 80s and early 90s every home had a bulky stereo system. These machines were central to the entertainment in a home and played cassettes and CDs in studio quality. Today our music is played from our phones or other digital device and the once mighty stereo with bulky speakers has been sent to the trash in favour of modern wireless systems.


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