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Lowe's Halloween decor inspiration

Lowe's Halloween decor inspiration

Lowe's Halloween decor inspiration

With Halloween approaching, it's time to consider ways to convert your house into a chilling and spooky area. Whether you plan to throw a Halloween bash or just want to infuse your living room with a seasonal touch, Lowe's offers an extensive selection of Halloween decorations to cater to all tastes and budgets.

In this blog entry, we'll delve into some of the top Halloween decor suggestions from Lowe's, ranging from eerie outdoor exhibits to trendy indoor embellishments. Prepare to be motivated and fashion a Halloween ambiance that will astound all of your visitors!

Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas

Spooky Bathroom 

When it comes to Halloween decor, the bathroom is often overlooked. But with a few simple additions, you can turn your bathroom into a creepy and fun space for the holiday. Here are some Halloween bathroom decor ideas from Lowe's to get you started:

Spooky Shower Curtain

One of the easiest ways to add some Halloween vibes to your bathroom is by switching out your regular shower curtain for a spooky one. Lowe's has a variety of options, from classic black and white designs to more colorful and playful ones. Some even come with matching bath mats and towels for a complete look.

Haunted Hand Towels

Swap out your regular hand towels for some Halloween-themed ones to add a touch of spookiness to your bathroom. Lowe's has a range of options, from cute and whimsical to creepy and gory. You can even find hand towels with popular Halloween characters like witches, ghosts, and skeletons.

Creepy Candles

Candles are a great way to set the mood for any occasion, and Halloween is no exception. Lowe's has a variety of Halloween-themed candles, from pumpkin-shaped ones to ones that smell like your favorite Halloween treats. Place them around your bathroom for a spooky ambiance.

Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

For a fun and unexpected touch, consider adding a skeleton toilet paper holder to your bathroom. This unique piece of decor will surely make your guests do a double-take. Lowe's has a variety of options, from simple and minimal to more elaborate and detailed designs.

Halloween Decor Ideas 

If you're looking to transform your entire home into a haunted house, Lowe's has everything you need. Here are some Halloween decor ideas to inspire your spooky home makeover:

Haunted House Inflatable

Inflatable Haunted House

Make a statement with a giant haunted house inflatable in your front yard. This eye-catching decoration will surely impress your neighbors and trick-or-treaters. Lowe's has a variety of options, from classic haunted houses to more modern and colorful designs.

Spooky String Lights

String lights are a versatile and easy way to add some Halloween flair to your home. You can wrap them around your porch, drape them over your fireplace, or even use them to create a spooky photo backdrop. Lowe's has a variety of string lights, from classic orange and purple to more unique designs like skulls and bats.

Witch's Cauldron

No Halloween decor is complete without a witch's cauldron. You can use it as a centerpiece for your dining table, fill it with candy for trick-or-treaters, or even use it as a prop for a spooky photo shoot. Lowe's has a variety of cauldrons, from small and simple to large and elaborate.

Creepy Creatures

Lowe's has a wide selection of creepy creatures to add to your Halloween decor. From giant spiders to life-size skeletons, these decorations will surely give your guests a fright. You can place them around your home or even use them to create a spooky scene in your front yard.

Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas

Haunted Farmhouse 

If you prefer a more rustic and cozy Halloween aesthetic, Lowe's has you covered. Here are some farmhouse Halloween decor ideas to inspire your home makeover:

Pumpkin Wreath

Wreaths are a staple in farmhouse decor, and Halloween is no exception. Lowe's has a variety of pumpkin wreaths that will add a touch of autumn to your front door. You can also use them as a centerpiece for your dining table or hang them on your fireplace.

Rustic Table Decor

For a subtle Halloween touch, consider adding some rustic table decor to your home. Lowe's has a variety of options, from wooden pumpkins to metal lanterns. These pieces will add a cozy and festive touch to your home without being too over-the-top.

Farmhouse Signs

Lowe's has a variety of farmhouse-inspired signs that are perfect for Halloween. From spooky sayings to classic Halloween phrases, these signs will add a touch of charm to your home. You can hang them on your walls or prop them up on your mantel for a festive touch.

Fall-Themed Pillows

Pillows are an easy and affordable way to switch up your home decor for the seasons. Lowe's has a variety of fall-themed pillows that will add a touch of coziness to your home. From plaid to pumpkin designs, these pillows will fit right in with your farmhouse decor.


With Lowe's wide selection of Halloween decor, you can transform your home into a spooky wonderland. From bathroom decor to farmhouse-inspired pieces, there's something for every style and budget. So why not try something new this Halloween and give your home a festive makeover? Before you do, grab a Lowe's Coupon from WeAreCoupons and save big!


Do you decorate your home for Halloween?

Yes, we love to decorate our home for Halloween! We like to use a mix of traditional decorations like fake cobwebs, pumpkins, and skulls, as well as some more creative pieces like wall art and string lights. We also like to find some unique items at Lowe's to give our home an extra spooky vibe.

What are some good ideas for Halloween party decorations?

If you're looking to decorate your home for a Halloween party, why not try some of Lowe's more unique pieces like a skull garland, a witch-themed lantern, or a giant spider web? You can also find a variety of spooky tablecloths, fabric banners, and wall art that will help create a spooky atmosphere. If you want to add a little extra flair to your decorations, you can also find glow-in-the-dark items like spooky stickers and window clings. With all these decorations, your home will be the talk of the town!

What are some spooky DIY Halloween decorations ideas?

For a truly spooky Halloween atmosphere, you can make your own decorations. Try making your own pumpkin garland with a hot glue gun and a variety of sizes of pumpkins. You can also make your own spooky paper lanterns with construction paper and tea lights. For a more subtle look, you can make your own spider webs with yarn and a hula hoop. You can also make window clings with spooky Halloween images and black and orange construction paper. With these DIY decorations, your home is sure to be the spookiest on the block!

What are the best house decoration ideas for Halloween?

If you're looking for a more traditional approach to Halloween decorations, consider getting some decorative props from Lowe's. Try using realistic-looking spiders and webs, or a giant witch hat to decorate your entryway. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can even get a life-size skeleton to greet your guests at the door. You can also find a variety of Halloween-themed tableware and tablecloths to make your dining area look extra spooky. Lowe's also has a wide selection of scary Halloween decorations, from animated zombies and gargoyles to light-up ghosts and witches. With all these options, you can create the perfect haunted house atmosphere that everyone will love.

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