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Lowe's Halloween DIY Ideas

Lowe's Halloween DIY Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and people are starting to decorate. It's time to start thinking about how to decorate your home for the spooky season. Instead of buying expensive decorations, why not try some DIY projects from Lowe's?

Not only will you save money, but you'll also have unique and creative decorations that will impress your neighbors. Here are some Lowe's Halloween DIY ideas to get you started.

Bat Decorations

Bat On A Stick Craft 

Bats are a classic Halloween symbol, and they make for great decorations. To make your own bat decorations, you'll need some black construction paper, scissors, and tape.

Start by drawing a bat shape on the construction paper and cut it out. Then, fold the wings slightly to give them a 3D effect. Use tape to attach the bats to your walls, windows, or even hang them from the ceiling. You can also add some googly eyes for a fun touch.

Scarecrow Crafts

Scarecrows are another popular Halloween decoration, and they're easy to make with items from Lowe's. Start by purchasing a bale of straw and a wooden stake. Use the stake as the body of the scarecrow and attach the straw to create the arms and legs.

You can also add a pumpkin head by carving a face into a small pumpkin and attaching it to the top of the stake. For a finishing touch, add some old clothes and a hat to complete your scarecrow.

Pumpkin Planters

 Pumpkin Planter

Instead of carving pumpkins, why not turn them into planters for your front porch? Start by cutting off the top of the pumpkin and scooping out the insides. Then, fill the pumpkin with soil and plant some fall flowers or succulents.

You can also paint the pumpkin with Halloween designs or add some googly eyes for a fun touch. These pumpkin planters will add a festive touch to your porch and can be easily composted after the season is over.

Ghostly Garland

Garlands are a great way to add some Halloween spirit to your home. To make a ghostly garland, you'll need some white fabric, scissors, and string. Cut the fabric into ghost shapes and use a marker to draw on faces. Then, attach the ghosts to the string using hot glue or tape.

Hang the garland on your mantel, staircase, or even outside on your porch. You can also add some orange or purple fabric for a pop of color.

Spooky Wreath

Spooky Moon 

Wreaths are a staple for any holiday, and Halloween is no exception. To make a spooky wreath, you'll need a foam wreath form, black fabric, and some Halloween decorations like spiders, bats, or skulls.

Cut the fabric into strips and wrap them around the wreath form, securing them with hot glue. Then, add your decorations to the wreath using hot glue. Hang it on your front door for a spooky welcome to your home.

Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor decorations are a great way to spook up your home for Halloween. You can create a haunted graveyard with tombstones made of cardboard and black paint, or line your walkway with pumpkins or other ghoulish decorations.

You can also make some creepy crawlers out of chicken wire and LED lights. These decorations are sure to give your neighbors a fright this Halloween!

Haunted Graveyard

Create a spooky graveyard for Halloween by using cardboard tombstones and black paint. You can also add some LED lights to create a haunting effect. Place the graveyard at the end of your driveway or in your yard to give your guests a fright!

Pumpkin Pathway

Create a spooky pathway to your door by using Halloween-themed pumpkins. Line them up on each side of your pathway and place a few jack-o-lanterns in between. Use battery operated LED lights to light up the pathway for a spooky effect. You can also place spider webs and skeletons around the pumpkins to add to the creepiness!

Creepy Crawlers

For a creepy outdoor decoration, try making Creepy Crawlers. You can use sticks, old clothes, and paper mache to create your own unique creatures. Place them in your garden or near the entrance of your home and watch as your guests get spooked! You can also hang your Creepy Crawlers from trees to create an eerie web of creatures.

Indoor Decorations

Create the perfect Halloween ambiance with Lowe's Halloween DIY ideas. Transform your home into a frightful scene with spooky silhouettes, ghostly garlands, and potion bottles. Scarecrow crafts and bat decorations are great for adding a creepy touch to your front porch.

With a pumpkin pathway, your guests will be sure to be enchanted by the spooky atmosphere. Get creative and have a hauntingly good time decorating for Halloween this year!

Spooky Silhouettes

Spooky Silhouettes

Spooky silhouettes are the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit. Transform your windows into a mysterious scene with a witch’s hat or a flying bat. You can also add a few spooky headstones for a graveyard-like setting. To make your silhouettes come alive, light them up with LED candles, or use stick-on LED lights for a quick and spooky set-up.

Ghostly Garland

Decorate your walls with a ghostly garland to create an even more spooky setting. It's easy to make, just get some white or black fabric and cut it into strips. Then, attach them to a string and hang it up around the room. If you want to add a bit more of a magical touch, you can add some glow-in-the-dark stars or small LED lights.

Potion Bottles

Create spooky potion bottles with old glass bottles, and some paint. You can use different colors of paint to give the bottles a unique look. Add some fake spiders, bones, and/or glitter to give them a more eerie feel. Once you’re done painting the bottles, you can display them around the room, or use them as centerpieces on a table.


Lowe's has plenty of options when it comes to costumes. You can find everything from a classic witch to a mummy costume. With a little creativity and some help from Lowe's, you'll be sure to have an awesome costume this Halloween!

Mummy Costume

Mummy costumes are a popular choice for Halloween. With a few items from Lowe's, you can easily create your own mummy costume.

Start with a white sheet and use fabric glue to attach strips of white tulle or fabric to the sheet. You can also use strips of black fabric to create the mummy's wrappings. Add a few accessories like a mummy mask and some jewelry to complete the look.

Classic Witch

Classic Witch

A classic witch costume can also be created easily with a few items from Lowe's. Start with a long black dress and pair it with a witch hat. Add a broomstick and some spooky accessories like a black cat and a cauldron.

You can also create a spooky potion by using a mixture of foods like honey, berries, tea, and spices. Finally, top it all off with a set of green glow-in-the-dark contact lenses to give your witch costume a mystical touch.

Other Great Ideas

Lowe's has some great ideas on their website as well, here are a few of them.


With these Lowe's Halloween DIY ideas, you can create a festive and spooky atmosphere in and around your home without breaking the bank. So grab your supplies and get crafting! Have any other DIY ideas? Share them in the comments below. Remember to grab your Lowes coupon from WeAreCoupons before you go shopping and save big!

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