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Lowe's Halloween decorating tips

Lowe's Halloween decorating tips

Looking to transform your home this Halloween season? Whether you're looking to create a haunted house or just add some witchy vibes to your space, Lowe's has you covered with these Halloween decorating tips.

Create a Spooky Entrance

 Spooky Entrance

The entrance to your home sets the tone for your Halloween decorations. Start by hanging a festive wreath on your front door, such as one with black and orange ribbons or a spooky spider design. You can also add some faux cobwebs and plastic spiders to your porch for an extra creepy touch.

For a more dramatic entrance, consider adding a fog machine or some spooky lighting. Lowe's has a variety of Halloween-themed lights, including string lights shaped like ghosts or pumpkins, and spotlights that project images of bats or witches onto your home.

DIY Tip: Create a Witch's Broom

To add a witchy touch to your entrance, create a DIY witch's broom using a bundle of twigs and some twine. Simply tie the twigs together at one end and trim the bottoms to create a broom shape. Hang it on your front door or prop it up next to your porch for a fun and easy decoration.

Set the Scene with Outdoor Decorations

Halloween Outdoor Decorations

 Transform your front yard into a spooky graveyard with Lowe's selection of outdoor Halloween decorations. From tombstones and skeletons to giant spiders and inflatable ghosts, there are endless options to choose from.

You can also create a haunted house feel by adding some eerie lighting and sound effects. Lowe's has a variety of outdoor Halloween projectors that display images of ghosts, zombies, and other creepy creatures onto your home or yard. Pair this with some spooky music or sound effects for an immersive experience.

DIY Tip: Make a Ghostly Tree

For a unique outdoor decoration, create a ghostly tree using chicken wire and some white fabric. Cut the chicken wire into a tree shape and wrap it with the fabric, securing it with zip ties. Add some string lights for an extra spooky effect.

Bring the Halloween Spirit Indoors

Indoor Halloween Decorations 

Don't forget to decorate the inside of your home for Halloween as well. Start by swapping out your regular throw pillows and blankets for ones with Halloween designs, such as pumpkins, bats, or witches. You can also add some Halloween-themed candles or diffusers for a festive scent.

For a more dramatic effect, consider adding some Halloween wall decals or window clings. These are an easy and affordable way to transform your space into a haunted house. Lowe's also has a variety of Halloween-themed tableware, such as plates, cups, and napkins, to add a spooky touch to your dining table.

DIY Tip: Create a Witch's Cauldron

For a fun and functional decoration, create a witch's cauldron using a large black pot and some dry ice. Simply fill the pot with water and add a few pieces of dry ice for a bubbling effect. You can also add some plastic spiders or other creepy crawlies for an extra spooky touch.

Get Creative with Pumpkins

 Create Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

No Halloween is complete without some pumpkins. Instead of just carving a traditional jack-o-lantern, get creative with your pumpkin decorations. You can paint them with spooky designs, such as ghosts, witches, or black cats, or use stencils to create intricate patterns.

For a unique twist, consider using different types of pumpkins, such as white or blue ones, or even painting them in metallic colors. You can also add some faux flowers or other decorations to your pumpkins for a more elegant look.

DIY Tip: Make a Pumpkin Topiary

For a statement piece, create a pumpkin topiary using three different sized pumpkins and some wooden dowels. Stack the pumpkins on top of each other, securing them with the dowels, and add some faux leaves or flowers in between for a festive touch.

Don't Forget the Treats

 Halloween Treats

Halloween isn't just about decorations, it's also about treats. Stock up on Halloween candy and display it in a festive bowl or jar on your kitchen counter. You can also create a Halloween-themed snack station with treats like popcorn, candy corn, and pumpkin-shaped cookies.

For a fun and interactive activity, consider setting up a DIY caramel apple bar. Provide different toppings, such as sprinkles, crushed cookies, and chopped nuts, and let your guests create their own spooky treats.

DIY Tip: Make Witch's Brew Punch

For a festive drink, create a witch's brew punch using green-colored juice or soda and add some dry ice for a smoky effect. You can also add some gummy worms or plastic spiders for a creepy touch.

Final Thoughts

With these Halloween decorating tips from Lowe's, you can transform your home into a spooky and festive space for the holiday. From outdoor decorations to DIY projects, there are endless possibilities to make your home the talk of the neighborhood. So grab your broom and get ready to create a haunted house that will impress all your guests. Grab a Lowes coupon from WeAreCoupons to save on Halloween decorating!

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