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Simple Things: The Hairdryer

Simple Things: The Hairdryer

Home Depot has many things in store and hairdryers are just one of them. With a Home Depot Money off Coupon you can save money on any hairdryer Home Depot has in store. According to Rachel Maines, a technology historian at Cornell University, the history of the hairdryer is rooted in women's desire for fluffy, clean hair. As hair became shorter, they had to wash it more often to avoid stringy, greasy tresses. Furthermore, they could no longer hide dirt in their styles, so the dryer was a necessity. Hair dryers also became social elements, as they were used in social settings.

Early models were unwieldy and difficult to control

Handheld hairdryers first appeared around the turn of the 20th century, but they were awkward and unwieldy, and were not particularly convenient. Moreover, they were dangerous and difficult to use, as they presented a risk of electrocution. Plus, they looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. Despite their obvious shortcomings, hair dryers quickly became an essential part of every woman's styling kit.

Improvements in design

The design of the hairdryer has been improving over the years. Some models have become quieter and more comfortable to hold. Other manufacturers are making their products look more attractive and aimed at younger consumers. New developments in technology may also lead to new types of hairdryers, including ionic models, which are said to evaporate water more efficiently and cause less damage to hair. However, many improvements remain the same as in the past.

GFCI protection

Hairdryers can be dangerous to use in the home. They can electrocute a user, especially if they are plugged in while in water. GFCI protects consumers from this hazard by detecting electrical leaks and shutting off power. GFCIs are designed to prevent electric shocks and fires from happening. This article will discuss the history of GFCI protection in hairdryers.

Plastic body design

In the early years, the hairdryer's plastic body was made from Bakelite, a phenolic resin. These early designs are plastic imitations of metal and are characterized by more fasteners than those that make modern hair dryers so portable. They also failed to fully exploit the advantages of polymers. Today, the plastic body design of hairdryers is a highly desirable feature and is becoming more popular than ever.

Electric motors

A hairdryer has many functions and features, but one of the most important is the motor. These appliances are powered by electric motors, and the types available in the market depend on what they are used for. Electric motors in a hairdryer include a stalling fan, which can overheat polymers. Therefore, it is important to know the details of the motor before you buy one. Listed below are the specifications of these motors, and how they work.

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