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Funny Friday: Moods

Funny Friday: Moods

This week we have looked at the moodier side of home maintenance. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on making your house and home happier and brighter.  If making your home happier and brighter doesn’t make you smile then these mood related jokes will

Computer Systems

Why are computer screen co-ordinate systems always in a good mood?

Because they are down-right positive!

Mood Rings

I was washing my hands in a public bathroom yesterday and someone stole my mood ring

I don’t know how I feel about it...



I was told I should rearrange my mood.

But that could spell my doom.

A smart drunk

“I was in the mood for a drink so I biked to the local liquor store to buy a bottle of whiskey. At first I was planning to bike home with the bottle in my bike basket but I’m not an idiot and knew it would break if I crashed so I drank it in the parking lot. Thank god I did because I crashed 12 times on the way home.”

Door to door salesman

So, a travelling salesman walks up to a woman's house. The woman is in a bad mood, but answers the door anyway. Seeing that the salesman has nothing of interest to her, she shuts the door. However, the door does not shut all the way and bounces back open. She thinks that the salesman was sticking his foot in the doorway to prevent her from closing the door. She was not in the mood for that and decides to slam the door on his foot to drive him off. The door bounces back open. Getting really frustrated, she grabs the door and prepares to give it a huge slam. Before she slams however, the salesman says, "Ma'am, before you do that, I would advise moving your cat.”


What does a cannibal call a person in a good mood?

a happy meal

In the mood

Dave got his wife a French maids costume to get her in the mood but it was a complete waste.

The house is still messed up as usual.


In the park

I took my daughter to the park yesterday. Everything was going fine until we got to one particular ride. First she happy, then she was sad, then she was unbelievably angry...

Those were some crazy mood swings.


Animal Behaviour

What do you call an animal that hibernates with a disorder that makes their moods change quickly?

A Bipolar bear

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