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Funny Friday: Siblings

Funny Friday: Siblings

Home Depot is the store most American families love. With some help from We Are Coupons you can love Home Depot even more as our Home Depot Coupons save you money. If that doesn’t make you smile maybe these jokes about siblings will

There were two siblings named Lee and Ling.

Lee and Ling were very close and as a result, they liked the same things and were very similar people. Lee decided that he wanted to change his name to Ving so that their names would rhyme, but they father disapproved of this. Since Lee really wanted to change his name, he and Ling snuck out together to get his name changed. They get to the building and as Ling pays the fee, their father enters the room and says,

“Don’t, stop! Be Lee, Ving! Hold on to that fee, Ling!”

Odd Child Out

One day a man goes to his wife and says "Honey, I've never said anything before, but I need to know. I've noticed that of our seven children, that Jack looks different from the others. Does Jack have a different father than his siblings?"

The wife says "Yes, I admit it, he does."

The husband says "Who is his father?"

The wife says **"You are."**

Italians on the Other Side

How does Mario communicate with his recently deceased sibling?

Luigi Board.

Napoleonic Kids

Why doesn't anyone know about Napoleon's siblings?

Because they were born apart.

Before the Internet

What did our parents do to kill time before the internet?

I asked my 16 siblings and they didn't know either.

The Definition of Siblings


(noun) : people you either plan to murder or plan a murder with. There's no middle ground.

Ha Ha

I have 1 sibling but 2 brothers

One of them are annoying, and the other one prints.

Cruel Fun

After my friend passed away I got his sibling a parrot to soften the blow.

I also taught it to say, "Dave, it's your brother. Reincarnation is real!"

Magic Kids

So, what's your profession again?

"Well", answered the man, "I'm a magician!"


"A Magician? What type of Magician?"


"It's a family business and I do the sawing down!"


"Family business? So do you have siblings?"


"Yes, two half brothers"

Missing Father

A kid grew up with a inattentive father...

He wasn’t around much and didn’t really make an effort. Was emotionally distant and at times cruel. But the kid was very close with his sister, brother and mother.


Years go by, he goes to college, goes to grad school and has a great career. He becomes a renowned scientist respected by all.

All the while his father never really making an effort to connect. One day a gala is thrown in his honor and the organizer asks for a photo of his family, so he gives him one.


But the organizer asks: “ I see your mother and your siblings here. But where is your father?”


The man replies “oh well he’s not really in the picture”

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